Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My Current Craft Storage - February 2016

So I wanted to upload the 'stills' of how my arts / crafts storage stuff is going..  It has been requested that I do a tour once I'm finished reorganising stuff..  which I might do..  I'm unsure as of yet.  But for now this is how things are looking...

I have a lot of stuff in storage since I had to move back to my parents and have now taken over most of the downstairs (which is a flat and then my parents have a 2 story house above it) so I have my room and the hallway outside my room.. and then there's a livingroom which is litterally just storage contents of white goods, furniture, boxes of household stuff and crafty stuff etc.  Anyways I digress...

My desk, so super proud of myself that I built a clip up camera arm for my webcam using a desk clamp light and an altered 3 point pivot (total cost £14.15 which is about $20.38 in USD).  Which I purchased at ebay.co.uk and attached my webcam which is windows live cam 1080i (did have to trim the rubber attachment back slightly.  And had to set up my old computer which I attached to my TV as my actual PC is no where near my desk and USB cable extension wasn't powerful enough to run the cam - believe me I tried. 

I totally forgot to take pictures of these white and clear plastic drawers.  But I'm sure you're all familiar with them.  House my pens, pencils, glue gun, printer paper, along side various other things. 

 I pretty much captioned these for the sake of video!! 

I really struggled in a narrow hallway to take pictures of all these units.  I had to stand in the kitchen to take the tall book case ones, my bathroom to photograph these smaller ones with the jewellery drawers on and my bedroom to take the end small book case and display cabinet lol.

These shelves are a miss mash of pyrography, polymer clay, air dry clay and moulds, jewellery making stuff such as charms, chords, thread, necklaces, chain etc.  That pink box has kitting stuff thought I don't know hot to knit yet.  Alcohol inks, Pebeo paints and much more.

These drawers all house jewellery making stuff.  
Black 1: Gold coloured, Gun metal coloured, Copper and Antique Bronze findings and chain. 
Black 2: Silver plated and silver coloured and sterling silver findings and chain.
Mini drawers:  Various broken jewellery, junk, micro beads, silver plated charms and more.
Black 3: Pearl glass beads, glass beads and bead soup.
Black 4: Crackle glass beads, lampwork glass beads, other glass beads, porcelain, shell, acrylic alphabet, mixed and bottom drawer is just sead beads.
Little black boxes are mostly empty as I'm moving things around atm and hate not being able to see in storage.
Clear boxes asare 12mm pearl glass beads, up top are full of semi precious stone beads and real pearl beads.  Tub next to that is swarovski crystal beads and above that glass chip beads.
Stripey box is beads that I've turned into bead charms and not used.

Dice box has game pieces in it.  
The bowl (plastic cocktail bowl) mixed embellishments, charms and junk.
The flower boxes I just got and are currently empty.
Paper flowers, Die Cuts and Chipboard pieces such as letters and other embellies.
Wooden bead soup, Mixed bead soup, Wood and coconut beads and pieces, acrylic and more..
Extras, junk jewellery, broken jewellery, packaging

Finished Jewellery Pieces Storage.

I am so proud of how this is looking.  Here's a quick collage which includes my TV setup and PC setup atm..  Heh.

Hope you enjoyed this blog :) - Imogen @ missimoinsane 

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