Monday, 19 January 2015

Witchie Craftie Haul

Yeh ok so jumping on this bandwaggon of haul sharing (again) though this one a lil different.

So what did we get today?  Well first of all let me say I was actually very disappointed.  There's one charity shop I always go in and can guarentee I'll be complaining I need a basket - to be honest this time wasn't much different.  But the other charity shops ...such a let down.  Though I did see this oober amazing gypsy style bags wicca, gothic, bohemian oober lovely bag in a charity shop and they wanted £34.99 for it... I'd MAYBE have bought it at £4.99 as it was in good condition but £34.99!!!!  My goodness!  I also treated Mum (who came with) to hotchocolate with cream and marshmellows and a bacon sandwhich :3

Girly Day With Mum ~ My Treat <3

So on with the haul?  This really is in no order..

So walked into this charity shop, my eyes saw pink and I needed to have these two bottles.  It was £1.50 for the pair - which is a bargain...  The only down side to these is the corks are different sizes one is a much newer cork while the other looks much older and is smaller but fantastic condition pink stained glass bottles with flower detail perfect for potions or altered bottle decor.

In the same charity shop I found these black glass beads and I thought I could use them for a  number of reasons, lately I've been thinking about perhaps making myself a set of runes..  and these would be perfect to do that with...  Maybe... But for £1 I'm rather sure crafty me can find a use for them.  Plus in the same charity shop I also found a peachy/pink set also for £1.

In a different Charity shop (the one I always wish they had baskets) found this mirror.   Inside it has a regular mirror and a magnified mirror.  But the whole thing really is rather quite heavery...  But I wanted it and it'd be nice to keep in my bedside drawer so yep £1.49 and it came home with me.

I also found, and I was so impressed with this find.  A choker necklace with real either Amyethist or Amethyst Chevron/Banded.  I'm pretty sure it's just Amethyst though.  But loved it and lovely choker design 9 pieces of Amethyst 99p LOVE IT.

Again in the same charity shop they had this clear/lilac glass/crystal ..I want to say powder bowl for on a ladies dresser.. but I could be wrong.  It is quite large... as you can see... and super heavy.  No idea what I will use this for yet but felt super drawn to this and had to have it and at £1.99 yeh.. it of course was coming home with me :3 hhehe

Same charity shop also.. I was super drawn to this little wooden bird.  Ok.. maybe he's not quite so little (apx 3inches tall) and super heavy.  I think he's carved from real wood.  I was indecisive if I wanted to pay £1.99 for him but he seems to be in PERFECT condition and really is lovely.

Finally in the same charity shop, this silver coloured leaf bowl which I thought would make a nice altar offering bowl for 50p

In a different charity shops I came across these two egg candles.  They are silver but quite large size and I know we're coming up to Imbolc but I thought these two would be perfect for Ostara.  And at 99p each I felt they were a cracking deal.

A different charity shop again (actually the first one we went in); I stumbled upon another Ostara decor piece..  with this wooden bunny cut out egg shape decoration.  They had a lot of then in pink and green but there was just something about this one.. it seemed dirtier than the others and just looked like it had a tad more character.  New item marked down to 50p.  So yeh having that... :D

Another charity shop (Blackpool has a lot of them) I found this candle.  I don't know if I like it or not, lol.  It is brown and gold.. which I think is the reason I don't like it but amazing rose detail and a 6-7inch tall chunky candle plus it was 50p and well yeh...  that happened.

I think that's the last of the charity shop items.

Onto Poundshops etc.

So Poundland.  Bag of pebble/stones £1... and yes I know I live in Blackpool and can probably find these at the beach - and I will do this.  But right now it's too cold for disabled me to go to the beach.  But I figured I could paint/draw on these and make altar stones?  Maybe?  Gift stones...

I also bought some baskets and boxes to contain my jewellery making supplies, crafting supplies, hair brushes and general stuff supplies lol.

In the 99p Store I saw these awesome balls.  Now my Mum was with me 'cos my Sister has decided she wants a tween bedroom as she's 10 now and she wants to start having containers, makeup, organised things, jewellery and jewellery organisers etc etc.  So I saw these balls and thought my sister could have the 3 lip glosses and the 3 nail varnishes and I'll have the balls and make faux witches balls or fairy balls and hang them in my window...  So that'll be a fun craft project some time...  (99p each)

Finally Everythings a Pound.  I bought these super cute little spice jars I got 6 of them in total and figured I could store my bulkier herbs in them or the ones I wona use a lot for incense like Lavendar Flowers, Jasmine Flowers, Rose Petals, Star Anise, Cloves and well I haven't thought of a 6th one yet unless I just make a floral blend and keep that on hand.  We'll see so got 2 packets of these (£1 each)

I also got this lantern from everythings a pound and just really love it.  I wanted something I could put a tea light in as a working candle for if/when I go outside in rainy/windy weather.. And figured this was perfect shelter for said candle especailly at only £1.

I then got home to find my cats had been super super naughty.  They'd managed to open a drawer and steal the bag of catnip and shred the bag so it was all over my floor, the bed.. every where and then they'd covered this up using my new jumper, a scatter cushion and my blanket - buggers!!  But it's everywhere and they're both hight as kites. (And after I spent yesterday telling people how good they are, little buggers!!)

Ps. That's just some that was on my bed.. I didn't get a picture of the floor, drawers. pillows... ok ok it really wa everywhere...

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