Friday, 2 January 2015

My Small Semi-Precious Stone Collection & Their Uses/Meanings.

I will update this when I get new pieces...  
But I compiled a list of the small collection I now have:

Agate Zebra - (also banded agate) Protection, Powerful Children protection, Spring and Autumn equinoxes, understanding, compassion for others, balancing personal auras, harmonizes and stabilizes our health on all levels. Inner balance, Inner protection, logical thought,  finances graduall, all round healer, increases energy and stamina, and also improves concentration. Reduces radiation effects

Amethyst - Healing on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. Raises vibrational frequency and protects against negative energies.

Amethyst - Chevron/Banded - (same properties of amethyst and clear quartz combined and strengthened) It enhance peace of mind, relaxation, self-discovery, courage, inner strength, self-awareness, diminish addictive tendencies and assists in recovery from addictions, powerful healing, opens third eye, brow chakra.

Amber - Transmutes negative energy into positive. Bridges conscious self to the Divine.

Carnelian - Power, Healing, Protection, Motivation, Clarification, Action

Citrine - Success, Abundance, Personal Power/Will, manifestation, imagination, Money, Luck, Protection, Healing and clarity

Hematite - Grounding. Clarifies thought, improves memory, and calms anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli - Deep wisdom and intuition. Opens the third eye and leads to enlightenment.

Malachite -  Love, Money, Protection, Protection form Negativity, Transformation, Heart Chakra, Prosperity, Abundance, Imaination, Intuition, Creativity.

Moonstone - Balances yin and yang. Enhances the inner feminine, and acceptance for yin attributes. 

Obsidian Blue - Stimulates Throat Chakra, communication, helps in astral travel, Tarot reading, Protection, Helps digestive system. Public speaking stone.

Onyx, Black - Protection, Healing, Self control, decision making, intuition, protection, Can change habits, Absorbs negative energy.

Quartz, Cherry - Very powerful healing, spiritual, new hope, anti-depressant, relief from anxiety, aids sexual problems, helps with vision for bigger picture, concentration (great for study aid), physical healing stone.

Qartz Crystal (Rock Quartz) - Attracts, amplifies, and sends energy. Easy and safe. Useful for all kinds of healing.

Quartz, Rose - Love, Self-love, Family, Platonic Love/Friendship, Romance, Heart Chakra, Balances yin and yang, restoring harmony after emotional wounding, lowers Stress and Soothes, Happiness/Joy, Healing, Love Healing. 

Quartz, Snow - Good fortune, Calming, Soothing, Meditation, Purification, Healing, Benefits the immune system

Rhodonite - Emotional Healing, Releases blocked Energy, Heart Energy, Healing, Helps relationship problems, Healing, Love, Power, Heart chakra, Enlightment and grounds negative energy.

Snowflake Obsidian - Serenity, Purity, Balances mind body & spirit, Calmins, Soothes, Brings emotions to the surface, Benefit seer, Sheild from Negative, Root Chakra, Benefits (veins, skeleton, and smooth skin), protection from physical and emotional harm, healing properties.

Sodalite - Healing, meditation, wisdom, calm, grounding, stress reducer.

Tigers Eye - Enhances Integrity, Willpower, Self-confidence, Practicality and correct use of  power.  Harmony, Balance and helps you to release Fear and Anxiety.

Tourquoise Magnasite - Relaxing, meditation, life changing, crative visualization and imagination, psychic visions and clarity

- Please note these meanings/uses were compiled from multiple websites and I believe these meanings, uses and energies to be true.

I am also going to start making jewellery pieces based on these stones, their meanings and will be putting in my intent for these stones to carry out their purpose.

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