Wednesday, 31 December 2014

100 / #100HAPPYDAYS

Hey everyone I hope you all had a 'Very Merry Christmas'.. today is boxing day and yesterday was the last of my #100HAPPYDAYS challenge.  Which if you wish too see you can go my instagram or see the pictures.. (totally didn't do a blog at 80 oopse!) But But But.  I totally fudged up and not one person pointed it out.  We had 2 94 days!!  And it didn't end on Christmas but on Christmas Eve!!  So I actually (and accidentally) did 101 Happy Days..  Oopse.  Here they all are including 2 94's..

I did actually post on my last picture "And this is the last of my #100HAPPYDAYS and what I learned was you simply can't constantly be happy every single day for 100 days but you can find something to be happy about every single day. Things before I took for granted I know see as Lil blessings. And each happy day has given me hope, joy, excitement and it really has encouraged me to find happiness even in the sad times. It's been am adventure and what a way to end this 100 HAPPY DAYS. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year to you and yours x x" - Although in the last 24 hours I've decided I'm not going to do an additional 100 more.. as I was going to set myself that challenge but instead I decided to continue on finding me again and finding myself and getting back to my personal and spiritual journey.  Along side the art and crafts and other beautiful things.  I'm very grateful to whom ever invented this challenge as it really has opened my eyes - thank you.

Imogen <3

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