Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Happy New Year. 

 Happy New Year Everyone.. I really hope that 2015 is brilliant for everyone — feeling hopeful.

A Year In Art Improvements. 

 So I adapted this meme by I wanted to show my work before and my improvements over the year. I also wanted to thank the following deviants t00xicpanda wolkenfels elmarten fancy-fingers minicule rattree sined-style hiddenravensilence hikaruhimeri djoze32 silvokami darkchaser jungkike alendiel nefematve monkeyhomo burikono alivbonano softlyvoiced pockpicket djari328 cocoasaurus huntingendlessly stonedpanda03 meicker kishibunbuns shazabblemabble kittenile cherubas and everyone in SB Study group 2014 and on CrimsonDaggers @ - Thank you for all the amazing help and to my friends, family and fellow deviants for all the support. Also thank you to everyone who inspired me and kept me going.. for the commissions and art trades.

Digital Paintings. 
2013 - 2014 - 1st Jan 2015 
Photoshop CS5 & CS6 
Brushes CS5/6 and brushes by Rahll and by T00xicpanda along side others 
Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch 
© missimoinsane aka Imogen Cane 2015

See full meme improvement here  

Spinal Cord Rest Face Female Skin Study (1 of 3)
Sparrow Fremsley [See full version]
Gee's Lilac Breasted Roller (Fan Art) Deep Down [See full version]
Frail Beautiful Siren Feeesh [See full version]
Nataly Warrior Skull Spirits [See full version]

2014 January
Just CIO Pretty Study (1 of 2)
Just Pink with Jealousy Study (1 of 2)
Just African Blue Study (1 of 2)
Just Jez Tied Up Study (1 of 2)
Deer Hunter [See full version]

2014 February
VooDoo Wild [See full version]
VooDoo Child [See full version]
Just Lantern Study & Lantern Study with Ref
This is the end now mind your eyes
Just Beautiful Mess & Beautiful Mess Study and Ref

2014 March
Lace & Glasses
Taken from WIP 1 - Necromancer Graveyard Moonlight (background piece for Necromancer)
Taken from WIP 2 - Necromancer - Had some personal stuff going on so didn't get much done this month :(

2014 April
Self Portrait 2014 (see full version)
Rivan Cropped & Rivan Full
The Lincoln Imp (Perspective piece).
Just Green Dress Study & Green Dress Study 3Hours

2014 May
Miss Erin
Ally B
Poor Mr Rob
Cherry Rachael

2014 June
Sadly the pen to my graphics tablet broke. Though I did use this time to watch people work inc live streams some of Feng’s stuff from the design school. Revisiting some past live streams like those from SB (Study group I’m in). Also rereading some books and generally also taking some personal time out for my health and generally for me so I can come back and generally be in a better place hopefully in the next few months.

2014 July
I was able to borrow a pen. I have been working on building a new computer. This months art consists only of some line arts. Plus a lot of study.

2014 August
Mr Lor Lawrence ~ A Birthday Portrait Gift. Been studying and learning.

2014 September
Boys And Their Toys
Mr C.Baggott
Feathery Victoria
How You Like Me Now Bats
Mizz Kavika

2014 October
My Sister Wendy
Self Portrait October 2014
Maleifcent Fan Art (see full piece)

2014 November
Beautiful Bridal Leslie
Nurse Callaghan (see full piece)
Ginger Bloke (Warning Offensive Language)

2014 December
Android Captain
Rudolph (see full version)

100 / #100HAPPYDAYS

Hey everyone I hope you all had a 'Very Merry Christmas'.. today is boxing day and yesterday was the last of my #100HAPPYDAYS challenge.  Which if you wish too see you can go my instagram or see the pictures.. (totally didn't do a blog at 80 oopse!) But But But.  I totally fudged up and not one person pointed it out.  We had 2 94 days!!  And it didn't end on Christmas but on Christmas Eve!!  So I actually (and accidentally) did 101 Happy Days..  Oopse.  Here they all are including 2 94's..

I did actually post on my last picture "And this is the last of my #100HAPPYDAYS and what I learned was you simply can't constantly be happy every single day for 100 days but you can find something to be happy about every single day. Things before I took for granted I know see as Lil blessings. And each happy day has given me hope, joy, excitement and it really has encouraged me to find happiness even in the sad times. It's been am adventure and what a way to end this 100 HAPPY DAYS. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year to you and yours x x" - Although in the last 24 hours I've decided I'm not going to do an additional 100 more.. as I was going to set myself that challenge but instead I decided to continue on finding me again and finding myself and getting back to my personal and spiritual journey.  Along side the art and crafts and other beautiful things.  I'm very grateful to whom ever invented this challenge as it really has opened my eyes - thank you.

Imogen <3

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

In Storage!!


So December has been pretty crazy for me thus far.  Today is Christmas Eve and what a time I'm having.  Not all that great and legally I'm not allowed to talk about a whole bunch of it.

Rest In Peace Nana

Right.  December 4th my Nan passed away.. which was very sad as it is when you lose a grandparent.  But also a blessing as she really was suffering.  Rather mixed emotions about that.

Moved / Moving...

Ontop of that a whole pile of crap with neighbours and landlord and the police.  Which me taking landlords advice and involving police regarding the situation.  Landlord then decided I'm a trouble maker and I can get out!!  I went to my Mums since I had no place to go as a vunerable and disabled person living in fear etc and now Landlord (same one) is trying to evict my whole family from this house for not getting his permission for me and my brother being here.  Ontop of that trying to charge my mum more rent and there is a solisitor involved and a whole mess I'm not allowed to go into more details about.  Infact possibly already wrote too much here.  Ah well.  

So nearly all my stuff is in storage.

We're all looking at moving a.s.a.p and then I hope to try get back into art/crafts/jewellery properly once I have space to do so.

Turned 26!!

I did have a wonderful 26th Birthday which was lovely, TARDIS cake, wonderful meal.. family and presents..


Tomorrow being Christmas day it will infact be the last of my #100HAPPYDAYS though I am considering doing 100 more.. simply because I've had so much fun doing it.  And it's also helped me find something positive from each day even when I've been in a lot of pain, sick, utterly fedup.  And taught me that while you can not possibly just be happy for 100 days you can be happy about something everyday for more than 100 days.  That's what I'm taking away from this experience.  So probably tomorrow I will post more on that :)

Medical Stuff

Fwd from yesterdays #100HAPPYDAYS post (Day 098.) Spent the day at hospital but finally a bit of good news and a diagnostic. Which is hypersensitive over flexible joints causing painful over compensating tissue and muscles. Which we can call fybromialgia or a number of other things but I will be treat for chronic pain and general pain. The pain is very real it is not in my head. I've been taken off trTramadolnd codine and placed on patches which last 7 days each are generally stronger and release constant pain relief into my system along side that I'll also be receiving pain management, cognitive behavial therapy and physio. The doctor I saw today treats fibromyalgia along side a number of similar diagnostics. So in short for the first time in nearly 4 years things are actually going somewhere and things are actually being done. X


Erm.. so yeh.  Looking forward to Christmas.  Being 26 is already looking up and becoming much better than the crap while being 25 lol.  Lil dissapointed about lack of crafting at the minute.  Lots to do still got more boxes back at the flat to pack up and removals are bringing my stuff here on Monday 29th December and also got a lot of stuff to move in Mums back room so I can store stuff in there.    Medical stuff is looking up so we'll see how that goes.  Saving up towards moving.  Looking forward to Christmas tomorrow.

Really liking my festive nails.

Did a digital painting of Rudolph just to wish you all a Merry Christmas..

© missimoinsane aka Imogen Cane