Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Room Project Part 1 of ?

Waking up to happy smiley furbabies made me wona do something positive!!

Decided my mission for this weekend it to clean up both my desks, my craft shelves, drawers etc and have a clear out and rearrange - mostly 'cos I'm sick to death of never being able to find anything lol. Plus going to reorganise some of my craft storage 'cos some things are just not working for me. Like keeping my beads at the other side of my room to both my desks..

There will be before/after and progress pictures. And possibly stuff up for sale... I'm dreaming if I think I'm going to get it all done this weekend though lol. But it's my plan   Thinking 'cos I know my curtains are too short anyway but try and put them up.. so my room stays warmer. Got some recycled / up-cycled ideas but it's going to have to involve muscles (sorry bro)

Today's progress.

1. Computer desk.  I've tidied up and reorganised and polished etc all my desk top and computer area.  Moved my tower from top of my desk to underneath which so far no problems.  Moved the corner unit onto my desk.  Switched out my lamp - need to get a bulb.  But looking cleaner.. which makes me more productive :3 hehe

2. I did a crafty craft.  Needed somewhere to store my most used brushes and makeup.. I don't have a mountain of room.. but I did make this small craft for under 50p! Got the glass in an antique/second hand shop for 20p and the diamant√© bling packet from poundland for obviously £1 and used two n a half pieces of the diamant√© strips to bling up the glass. Put my frequently used makeup n brushes in it since my rooms lacking a dresser this is now on my desk instead of a drawer 

3. I cleared off my craft desk, got my brother to put up curtains I knew would be too short (but it's massively warmer in here now) and go gather some wood from a wardrobe my mum didn't want in her garage.  To stop my cats from being able to push my bead drawers over and then got my brother to move my bead drawers and now I've started reorganising my beads and my bookcase.

-To Be Continued-

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