Monday, 24 November 2014

The Jewel in Jewellery Journey. Part 1.

I'm starting out jewellery making!!  Properly??

So I'm thinking given my experiences and such I'd rather like to get back into jewellery making.  I've dabbled on and off for a long time and always found pleasure in it.  Recently I was reading some articles about the possibility of coming off of benefits (I'm disabled) and actually making a living from the jewellery I make.  That's a long shot I know.. but for now getting back into it seems a massive and great step in the right direction.

So let me explain how I got started.. and what's brought me here.  I was in college some years back I did jewellery as one of my course projects in the 3D work shop class.  Lisa, my most wonderful teacher who was just so gifted and genuine and lovely, really saw the beauty and potential in everything and everyone but she was so disappointed in me when I said I wanted to do media studies and not fashion and not continue down the road of jewellery making. ~Which I'm now kicking myself for.  With that belief from Lisa that I was good enough to have potential to go on and be a jewellery designer and maker it was always playing in the back of my mind.  But my most favorite thing was soldering, welding, engraving, enameling and resin.  I'm sure there was more but those project where I got to use a blow torch and really get creative were the best.  I made a very very rustic copper huge charm braclet as my final piece and loved it until I lost it ..along with the rest of my jewellery and box.

Few years after that I got this bright idea I was going to set up a jewellery business making n selling jewellery.  Only at that point I didn't even know how to open a jump ring let alone turn an eye pin...  What I'd learnt in College wasn't even basics.. well it was but I didn't have a kiln or fire pit, or money for them kinda tools..  I purchased some cheap jewellery pliers, won some charms on eBay and bought some phone cords with the idea that I'd make and sell phone cord charms.  Only not only were they being sold cheaper than I could afford to make them...  but I had trouble with pliers and jump rings and just trying to get the charms to stay on was a mission.  I made some lovely charms and with hours it was a piece of cord and the charm was some place else.  Being so well 'me' that didn't matter because I had this website and a plan.  I'd worked very hard on making a website, though didn't know how to do much more than that.  Damn taking media instead of fashion.  lol.  So I packed it in.  Just didn't bother.  I had apx 100 charms, a few beads, cord and two or three tools.  No great loss.  

A number of years later, I'd picked up a few crafting hobbies such as tag making, cards, mini albums and one or two altered crafts too.  And during that time I found "oh this would look lovely with a charm" ...and so looking on YouTube and A LOT of practice I learned how to turn an eye pin, correctly open a jump ring and soon enough I was pulling together various charms.  Which lead to beading.. which became charm braclets, necklaces and rings and then I got looking at Polymer clay which in turn paper clay / air dry clay (didn't like it), resin... mixed medium charms and all sorts.  And now while I'm not a pro by far but a few years on a I have a few odds and ends and basics down and while I only ever sold a few things and even then was probably far too generous on the price given the cost of materials.  Before even thinking about my time...

So lately I've been pondering and thinking it's something I'd like to go for and look into.  The only thing, aside from my disability, holding me back is the worry that I'll be commiting some kind of fraud or lose my entitlement to benefits and in turn lose my home and drum up a load of debt.  So it's something I'm going to seriously look into.

But that said.  I have been a huge fan of the very talented Brenda Sue for some time now,  And is one of my go too's when I'm looking for inspiration.  While the materials she works with might not be available to me 'cos of country or finance I still get some wonderful ideas and some knowledge from her.  I recently, Friday, discovered the facebook group which I have joined and everyone there is just so overly friendly and warm and sharing it's such an inspirational place. especially for jewellery makers.

So, that's where I'm at.  And a brief history.  But now.. I figure I'll start this new adventure and call it "The Jewel in Jewellery Journey" ...I hope to share my finds.,  And of course I'll post to my Facebook page @ 

Imogen aka missimoinsane

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