Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Shopping Spree With Mum :D


Had a wonderful day shopping just me n Mum, while I love it when my brother and/or sister come it was nice just being me n Mum simply because in the last 10 years I can't remember doing that!!  So I treat her to lunch n she bought the drinks.  Wonderful.  Got all my Sisters Birthday presents.  Wrapping paper and some bits for Christmas and for my home.  Had to buy a trolley but do love it even if I'm a bag lady now haha wonderful. 

#100HAPPYDAYS Day 50. BAG LADY!! Not even mad!! Went shopping with mum today had a proper girly shopping day n got some Christmas / Wendy's Birthday.. It's been wonderful though caved n bough a shopping trolley.. I love it!! Actual love. Nearly £70 spend in poundland!! Off to poundworld n 99p shop tomorrow!!   sleepy but happy day!! Ps. Half way done already!! Does that mean 50 days to Christmas?

Saw this and thought of Jez..

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