Sunday, 23 November 2014

BARGAIN EBAY HAUL!! (Saved over £900!!)


Showing off  I saved well over £900!! Read on!  Ps. Picture doesn't show everything I got!! 

So decided since it's nearly my Birthday and Christmas that I would treat myself.. With my "I've quit smoking savings" haha any excuse I know right. BUT I got bargains. Again. 

1. Over 650+ assorted charms £37 (usually apx £5 for 20 so saving of over £160+)
2. 137 real velvet necklaces, charms, beads and more £14.98 (necklaces usually 10 for £4 so saving of over £55+)
3. 2 Raaco 44 Drawer Units £40 (usually £35 each so saving of £30)
4. Huge bundle of brand new beads and charms including real gold pendants and beads £28 (seller says over £250+ worth I think more so saving of over £222+)
5. Over 200+ large bronze charms £12.49 (varies from £5 for 10 so saving of over £87+)
6. 50 packets of scrapbooking metal charms £12.30 (varies from £8 each so saving of about £387+)

Total spend. £144.77
Total saving. Well over £941+
Total bargain. Well over £1000+ of goods for less than £150.

or 9 weeks of smoking 30-40 a day at £8.60 a pack. (apx £1000) know for a FACT that this lot will last me a whole lot longer than 9 weeks and be a whole lot healthier too. Ps. Over 8months since I quit smoking 
Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to me. Yes I'll be selling on the unwanted items. And there is much much more than just what the pictures show!!!!


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