Tuesday, 18 November 2014



#5Photos I tag to do this.. Jez Cane, Matthew Dawson, Lyndsay Reddington Del Guidice, Kavika Kupkakepants and Malachi Piatt

I was tagged by Dan Clegg to do the "5 photo's that make me smile" ...I thought about it and this is my choices.

5 photos that make me smile

(1.) Fractal Panda. Because even though I don't have it I got a DD (Daily Deviation) on deviantART. First real artist recognition.

(2.) Baby Ash bopping Baby Dusty on the head - some things never change. Love my fur babies.

(3.) My brother in his red and yellow car - In some ways he'll always be my baby brother. Love him.

(4.) My Sister, actually doing a good photo!! But she's getting too grown up too fast. Love her.

(5.) Josh and I. Because even though we're no longer together. We did have some very good times. And this New Years Eve was one of them.

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