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DIY Record Bowls

DIY Record Bowls

So I was going to do a tutorial on how I did this, the tutorial I actually followed was a picture I saw on Pintrest but there's plenty of tutorial on YouTube hence why I didn't do a video tutorial (but I can if you want I really don't mind doing that!!) 

Where I got my vynal records from:  A good while back my Dad gave me some old vynle records that are scratched or generally don't play any more.  Which made me have no hard feelings about making these bowls.  I wouldn't advise you go through your dads LP collection and start destroying valuables.  But the first video below has excellent demonstration of where to get them cheaply.  Such as record stores and even second hand shops. 

How did I go about doing it: What I did was I took a baking tray which I actually use for crafting not food.  But a cheap baking tray will suffice or any with tinfoil over to protect it.. make sure you thoroughly wash it after as this process releases toxic fumes.  - Which reminds me.. work in a well ventilated area.  I then took a glass Pyrex round bowl and placed it upside down on the baking tray.  Placed the record over the top and pretty much followed the method of second video below.  After 30 seconds if not much less (with the oven on pretty high) I carefully took the tray out.  Using oven gloves I started to mold the record around the bowl.  And then taking it off the bowl quickly shaping it and holding it in place for a few seconds to cool down.  Much like how the bowl is molded in the third video I shared with you below.  I did burn my fingers a number of times doing this. 

I learnt something while doing this: (TIP!) Once I had done 2-3 bowls I found the oven was too hot.  The records started to bubble and a horrible texture appeared not to mention the smell.  So I turned my oven off and left it half an hour before proceeding to make more bowls.  Over heated ovens cause problems!! 

What to do with them: Well much like in the videos below they can be used for a multitude of different things.  Such as covering up the holes with ductape and you have...
  • A popcorn bowl 
  • A potpourri dish
  • Candy dish (wrapped candy would be better)
  • I'm actually using one of mine to store my keys and pocket junk: perfect for HIM/DAD/SON/BROTHER this Christmas!! 
  • I have another with jewellery in it.  
  • Could also hold makeup or toiletries
  • LED Candles / LED Candle feature (not real candles plz)
  • Even turn into a bubble bath gift basket for HER/MUM/DAUGHTER/SISTER this Christmas!!  
  • I have even spray painted one for my kid sister to keep her hair bobbles in!!
  • And of course since it's currently coming up Halloween...  Halloween sweets for all those Trick or Treat 'ers..
The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

^ By YouTube user  
The Platform

^ By YouTube user Reptile Creation

^ By YouTube user Mururoar

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