Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bird in Jasons!!


Saturday, 27 September 2014


#100HAPPYDAYS Day 012. Happy Birthday Gordon. I took the family out for a meal for StepDads Birthday  so full  good time by all x x x x x — with Jez Canewendy,Jacqueline Lawrie and Gordon Lawrie.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Instagram & Crafts & Personal Update

Pause for Thought

So day 3 and I'm actually really looking forward too it.  I'm feeling more positive and upbeat already and feel a lil more focused and motivated towards finding myself too which is great!!  Hehe...  That said..  Thought I'd share yesterdays finished craft project (HD002.) and today I have blitz the appartment so feeling ready for my bed (HD003.) Hehe.. 

So really happy how these turned out.  They're the large apx UK size A1 size notice boards from ARGOS £9 each and I took Black and White Spray Paint and Black and White Acrylic Paint and made these two for hanging some of my favorite jewellery on :D 

Off to chill out in bed for no real reason other than "how inviting does that look!!" :D

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


So today is a VERY sad day.  Today marks 9 years since Wil died.  And while it's a really sad day, I know he wouldn't want me (or any of us) to be sad.  SO.. I decided a perfect way to honor that would be to do the #100HAPPYDAYS challenge via my Instagram.  But you'll also see it if you're Friends with me on Facebook and/or Follow me on Twitter.  

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Introduction #100HAPPYDAYS blog post:
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061-080 HAPPYDAYS: Pending
081-100 HAPPYDAYS: Pending

#100HAPPYDAYS Day 001. Despite the tragedy 9 years ago today, I am happy for the wonderful friendships I still have because of it. And though a day doesn't go by that I miss our angel my wonderful friends helped me through that - thank you x x