Saturday, 26 July 2014

Park Day with The Family

Got Invited to Stanley Park

SLUSH PUPPIE - childhood memories 

I'm SUCH a kid at times...
Loving my new hair though...  Redyed just the pink last night...

Speaking of kids.  My Sister POSING and my brother... apparently not? lol...

Well I guess there is no prize for guessing who I'm related too... lol.
Ugh it's happening... lol love you Mum.

Kind of ironic really.  And the security guy comes up to me (a disabled person with crutches) and asks if I could get all the kids out the fountain as apparently it's not allowed.  Some very angry parents.  And yeh.. didn't work lol.. Oh well.......

So wonderful day had by all I think AND I walked the 3 miles home which is the most I've walked since my accident!!  Previously it's just been around town a bit and a lot of sitting down..  Hurting now but super proud of myself.  Must have been that slush puppie and lovely picnic mum made hehe.


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