Monday, 2 June 2014

Life change. I've moved to Blackpool. And Lime Green Bathroom!! Check it out!

Hey Y'all.

Ooof!  My goodness has it really been that long?  Apparently so.. Sorry!!  Right catch up..

Smoking:  So.  March 2014 I quit smoking YEY!!  After some 9-11 years.. Oooh and to be honest I found it easy simply because I actually wanted too.. not 'had' too.  And there was also a point to be proven lol.

Love life / Home:  Some of you may know that on my Birthday (20th December 2013) I got Engaged to Joshua and we'd been together since August 2010.  Sadly in April-ish this year we split up.  So he's gone back to his Mums in West London and I'm embarking on a new adventure.  As of May 9th I'm now flat sharing with my brother, who's also now my carer (I'm disabled).  And we're now living in Blackpool, England.  Sadly the move meant I had to say bye bye to my lovely craft room and hello to much smaller 2 bed apartment no longer 3 bed house.  But good news I got to keep the cats :3 :3 

Though the bathroom was horrible.  So I painted over the brown kitchen tiles (they had pictures of wheat on them!!) with white tile paint - 2 coats and it'll do, nice and white.  Painted a cream wall white with bathroom paint. Then the other wall and a bit limegreen with bathroom wall paint.  Plus found this mirror for £6.99 in a charity shop and well I had to have it.  Repainted it black and used silver rub 'n' buff to highlight the detail.  Yeh.. lush.


And some bathroom makeover snaps :3

Finding matching accessories in limegreen and black was so much fun!!  I intent to sort out a white net for the window and get some lime green towels too.  But got some black fablon that matches that shelf unit from Argos in Black Woodgrain and recovered the cupboard door. The cupboard towel hanger is fab I even bought some for my kitchen!!  Also really pleased that unit fit in there!!  And I got two of them bath mats (from Singapore, on eBay) SOOOOOO WORTH IT SNUG!!

In the same charity shop on the same day I picked up a bedding box for £10 which now houses my excess craft stuff like fabrics, stuff that doesn't yet have a home and plenty of room for more.  Bargain!

Medical:  Not much to report right now since we're once again starting over due to moving ^.  But I am losing weight :D

Arts:  Indeed my Artistic Journey has taken a turn for the better.  While I still haven't saved and got my Cintiq13HD (it'll happen one day)...  And I had some pen issues with my Bamboo Pen and Touch.  And I joined a new secretive study group on facebook.  And have the oh so wonderful art improvements.  See updates on my deviantART @ I'm very happy with my artistic improvements and I have a lot of thanks to - Thank you Kristina for everything!!

Crafts: Crafting has sort of taken a massive back burner.  Since my desk is now in my bedroom which also has my PC on it.  And my entire craft room is crammed on one bookcase and now a bedding box - ouch.  It's not helping me to be very forth coming and productive - pitiful.


Ps. I hope not too leave it so long next time x x

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