Monday, 24 February 2014

Learning Resin.

Learning Resin.  I've used resin before in college but it was a coloured epoxy resin that was pretty fast drying if I remember correctly.  But also expensive.  Now I've discovered that a lot of Americans think products in America are 'expensive' well that nearly doubled plus shipping and import fee's yeh..  So I'm struggling to find Ice Resin.  I seemingly can find it in very small amounts at bank breaking prices.  I thought I'd go for epoxy resin and while it's easier to come by it too is bank breaking prices.  Some £20-50 GBP for 100-250ml hmm.  So I was able to find a product called Water Clear Casting Resin.  Typically used for models and jewellery but has a whole other list of uses too.  The only down side is it stinks.  I mean stinks.  The first batch I did inside, not knowing.. until it was too too later.  The second batch I did outside and brought it in doors as it's winter here and well yeh.. that stinks too.  Which in a kinda funny story.. my brother was over clocking his new computer part when all of a sudden there's this stench of burning/melting plastic oopse.  But asside from the smell and 2-3 day cure time I love this stuff.  Something I want to get much more involved with and start possibly getting some Bezels and things and making some jewellery out of it.  Good times.  Plus 100% clear. 

I really don't think the lamp's making any difference.

Also very easy to sand (wet sanding), drill and polish...