Sunday, 9 June 2013

(ART) From this day forward; The Journey. Part 1.

Hey all,

So after my last deviantART journal of feeling hopeless with my art I've decided to take it back to the beginning.  "From this day forward; The Journey."

I've decided to rather than continue with a same old same old none progression path...  That I should start over, digital and traditional sketching...  Trying different techniques and perhaps even mediums...  so going to create an "art journal" out of an altered book!!

Along side with new art books, magazines and perhaps even and "ImagineFX" subscription - maybe.

Going to save towards getting a cintiqu 13HD...  Anyone got a personal review?  So far everything's singing and dancing however the screen/colour is a little "dull" and not monitor bright (apparently) but amazing for the price.  But generally purchasing such an item (despite it's extreme reasonable cost!) that won't be for a long long time based on lack of income, finances which seem to be higher with each bill, family events I have to attend this summer and continuing the work being done on my home not to mention the medical stuff with my hip grr.

Anyways there's a lot going on for me at the moment, so I won't keep you.

Imogen x

Ps. Yes I will still be doing my crafting, I want to get back into doing my YouTube videos...  lot has been happening as mentioned and it's just finding the time for creating & filming etc.


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