Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dr Who Aniversary Theory - Imogen Cane

I have a theory... That the 50th Ani is gunna be of the time war and that John Hurt is gunna play the part of the Dr in The Great Time war. That Matt Smith is stuck in his past and with out TARDIS he needs parallel universe David Tennant to help him.

If you listen and look. Matt is clearly horrorfied to see John Hurt thus Matt smith must know who he is and mean he's from the past and not future Dr Timeline. ... That being said the only two real places someone would fit is at the beginning before Dr Who OR during the time war (makes most sense). See... Matt says that John Hurt didn't do it in the name of the Dr and broke the promise. Thoughts...

Promise - to never tell your real name to anyone, other than the one of whom you're betroved (River Song).

Also Matt says that "he is me" confirming John Hurt as The Doctor and then states "he didn't do it in the name of The Doctor". - Further theory... If you take it litterally then "Doctor"; man of science, healer, defeater, deffender... what does Doctor mean?? Generally good!! He always gives a choice and too many chances even to his worse enemies.. But.. That's not what we know to have happened in The Time War... Where The Time Lords were going to destroy all of time and space, and so the Doctor (who didn't/couldn't give them a choice) destroyed the Time Lords in the Time War... which... Could mean... that The Master AND The Time Lords may be in the 50th along with every known creature from the Time War, John Hurt, Matt Smith, David Tennant and??? (Apparently Captain Jack) could quite possibly be in the 50th Anniversary IF they do The Time War.

It's all kinda there.
Matt Knows John Hurt's Character.
John Hurt is introduced as The Doctor but not what The Doctor stands for (literal meaning).

...Further theory... (Oh god Imogen get a life) that quite possibly if Paul McGann's Doctor was aged about 40ish (human years) then to grow into an old man John Hurt before the regeneration into Christopher Eccleston could be possible, no?? Thus making Chris the 9th, Tennant the 10th and Matt the 11th and no numbers are put out of joint... because it's simple an older age Time War version of the 8th Dr who would be ages I don't know 73ish (human years). If you look at John Hurts clothing. Worn, down, torn, unkept... almost tramp like...

~Just my theory. I could be wrong. I really hope if they do do the Time War, they don't boycot it into short not as epic hour and a half episode. I think... If they were to do it possibly a 2 hour epissode on 23rd November which is then TO BE CONTINUED on 25th December which as the Christmas special would also include the next Generation of The Doctor and seeing Matt Turn into?????????? Who knows... ~ But... I am dissapointed with this last series and really hope they're saving the goods for 50th Anniversary. While Moffat's twists are good I do love our Mr R.T.Davis!!

Ps. No we still don't know "The Doctors real name". -lol.

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