Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Terri's Monochrome Altered Box By Me


Ok ok, so the time has come in which I have finished Terri's box, and she has it :) Thus I can share what I've been oh so busy working on this past week or so (ok I've done other things too).

I have done an altered box, she bought it and I altered it.  She requested I tried to do a tutorial on it.. and what a kerfuffle that was...  So I've done that and a matching tag to go with the box.  I made this into 3 videos.  A shorter version which is me showing the finished box and explaining beifly what I did with the box and a much longer sped up walkthrough version/tutorial of what with the box and I did a video just on the tag.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.

(Long Version - Over 45minutes):

(Short Version - Under 13minutes):

(Tag Video):

~ YouTube @ www.youtube.com/user/missimoinsane

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