Sunday, 14 April 2013

Video: Altered Alphabet Letter "I"

So I had this letter "I" and I wanted to alter it to make it more my own and personal.  So I've done it in pink, black, white, silver and green and I hope you like it :D ~ Imogen xX

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Tutorial: Paper to Faux Metal - Embossing!!

Hello everyone, it's Imogen I thought I might share this technique with you in the form of a tutorial.  I have no idea if this idea is claimed by anyone else.  I just thought it might be an interesting technique as it worked well on metal keys to create a tarnished effect that it might work to turn cardstock/paper into a more metal feel as I wanted to create a wrought iron look.  Success.  Since this worked well I thought I'd share it with you all, hope it helps :)

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Video: Two Pin Pot Cushions - Available For Commission.

Hey everyone,

So I was asked if I could make a pin cushion for a friend the other week, but she didn't expect to get what I made for her (see brown vintage influenced pincushion in video below).  While I was at it I made myself a pincushion so I no longer have to lose my really good sewing needles hehe.  

I also thought it might be worth a mention that I can be commissioned to make these pot pincushions.  Of course in any colour(s) and using what ever embellies and such while stocks lase.  Princes will be based on products used and time to make etc.  Please note I'm in the UK so additional expense on top of original P&P will be required for outside UK mainland and Scottish Isles.

Imogen xX

Friday, 5 April 2013

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Terri's Monochrome Altered Box By Me


Ok ok, so the time has come in which I have finished Terri's box, and she has it :) Thus I can share what I've been oh so busy working on this past week or so (ok I've done other things too).

I have done an altered box, she bought it and I altered it.  She requested I tried to do a tutorial on it.. and what a kerfuffle that was...  So I've done that and a matching tag to go with the box.  I made this into 3 videos.  A shorter version which is me showing the finished box and explaining beifly what I did with the box and a much longer sped up walkthrough version/tutorial of what with the box and I did a video just on the tag.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.

(Long Version - Over 45minutes):

(Short Version - Under 13minutes):

(Tag Video):

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