Saturday, 30 March 2013

myHerms UK Courier Service Review

On a Facebook group I am a part of we have recently been having conversations about the insane increase of Royal Mail prices.  In addition we discussed about some alternative postal methods when I purchased a heave load of broken and used costume jewellery and junk from eBay the seller was using one of the services to ship her items.  As this was one of the services me and the other ladies in the group had been chatting about I decided I would write a personal review on myHermes courier service;

So my items were shipped on Thursday (28th March 2013) morning, though the seller said guaranteed with in 2 days (but some times can take up to 5).  My items arrived about half hour ago (about 2.45pm)...  Today is Saturday (30th March 2013) .  Which isn't bad at all in my opinion. 

The weight of the box vs the price and speed out did Royal Mail ten-fold.  Impressed.

Though their tracking information was difficult to decipher and there was nothing on their website when trying to find out what things meant as there was no "Your item is in London" (for example) just "Arrived at depot" ...where?  Additionally there was no information on delivery times and days thought when I contacted them via their facebook page they were only too happy to say they deliver between 7am-9pm Monday-Saturday including some but not all bank holidays (such as Good Friday but not Easter Monday). 

Anyways upon trying to google to find out what their tracking information meant all I could find was 100's if not 1000's of negative reviews, complaints and problems...  Which had I have been looking in to the service as a seller would have really really put me off.  Especially when it comes to fragile items as there's no real cover, compensation or protection for lost, broken, stolen or generally damaged items, it would also seem anything marked fragile is free game for a quick 5 aside football match.  myHermes employees are all self employed people. 

However, regardless of what I have read I just want to say that I am rather pleased with the service enough to consider using them myself!!  My items did arrive with in 2-3 days totally undamaged and as expected.  For the price and service I would definitely recommend to a friend.

I hope this information helps someone especially given all our recent chats about the Royal Mail increase on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 ~ Kind regards Imogen Cane


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