Monday, 25 February 2013

Meeting YouTube Friend!! Scrappyprincess84 aka Terri

Hey all! 

So yesterday, 24th Feb 2013, I met with Terri for the first time who is scrappyprincess84 on YouTube.  The lovely Jackie who is scrappyjak1 on YouTube informed us both that we're both into crafts and live in the same town!!  For a couple of weeks we've been chatting and building up a relationship and yesterday we met in town for crafty shopping in the charity shops, poundland, 99p store etc...  We had a wonderful wonderful time.  As I'm disabled I can't go out with out my wonderful man who was so kind to trail behind and carry both our bags for us!!  Bless...  Anyways I had a wonderful time with Terri who has about 10 weeks till her baby is due but we plan on getting together more often and crafting, shopping and all that good stuff hehe. 

Anyways here's what I bought from town yesterday....

And here's the gifts I made for her....


Imogen xX

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