Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feb 7th Crafty Updates

Hey everyone,

Wow... So I've taken some time to find myself and realised just where all the negativity has come from this year!! Anyways. I've decided to channel all that bad energy into doing good and productive things! Yes you've guessed it big time craftyness mission!!  

So as you may or may not know I've been having a really bad time trying to find a craft room layout that's practical, functional, pretty and usable - for me. What a mission. 

Anyways the past couple of days I've gone through everything, yet again, and fully designed a new layout and new order of things and made teeny-tiny "zones" in a more organised and user friendly way. 

So while I'm part under taking a massive craft room revamp over the next few weeks I've also been trying to find storage for some items which don't have homes. Inc' altering a box and some packaging to create a cute storage solution of my stickpin wheels!! Almost finished this and of course will share the video on Saturday night's YouTube upload @

Further more I am making lists of things that I want to sell...  Plus some other general none crafty stuff.

But in general been overly crafty this week.  Not to mention 'mount lace' I won "a few small bags of lace" there's more than "a fre small bags!!" this HUGE parcel arrived and I thought "wtf have I bought?" and now having to go through it all and try and work out how to store it all.  I've made a start with 3 'shoe' storage boxes one for white, one for colour and one for white with colour ...what have I got myself into...  on the plus side I've been very busy making more lace flowers...  

Since I now easily have over 100 ready made I'm going to start sorting them out for selling :) :D Here's a sneak peak at SOME of them!!

(Click the pic's to enlarge!!)

Anyways... got lots to be getting on with. So I'll be around :D :) plus found an actually wonderful crafty network full of wonderful, lovely and inspiring people.  :) :D

Imogen xX

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