Thursday, 28 February 2013

Polymer Findings 1

Hey everyone,

I figured I'd had most of this polymer clay which I bought over a year ago which I felt I really should use.  I decided to buy some flower molds a while back and for fear of ruining things I just never attempted doing them.

I found at first as with my old molds they didn't work for me.  So I did some research and discovered lightly dusting the molds with baby powder (talcum powder) or corn starch (flour works too) is brilliant.

I set too using plain house hold kitchen baking flour and it worked a treat.

It was then just a case of getting the temperature right or figuring out how to bake with my toaster oven given it's 30 degrees out (UK).

Anyways this is my findings thus far but I will probably do/have more thus the title. hehe.

Let me know what you think:

Imogen xX

Monday, 25 February 2013

Meeting YouTube Friend!! Scrappyprincess84 aka Terri

Hey all! 

So yesterday, 24th Feb 2013, I met with Terri for the first time who is scrappyprincess84 on YouTube.  The lovely Jackie who is scrappyjak1 on YouTube informed us both that we're both into crafts and live in the same town!!  For a couple of weeks we've been chatting and building up a relationship and yesterday we met in town for crafty shopping in the charity shops, poundland, 99p store etc...  We had a wonderful wonderful time.  As I'm disabled I can't go out with out my wonderful man who was so kind to trail behind and carry both our bags for us!!  Bless...  Anyways I had a wonderful time with Terri who has about 10 weeks till her baby is due but we plan on getting together more often and crafting, shopping and all that good stuff hehe. 

Anyways here's what I bought from town yesterday....

And here's the gifts I made for her....


Imogen xX

Sunday, 17 February 2013

First Altered Clock & People Share!!

Hey hey my lovelies...

Just a super super quick share today...  First of all the lovely Jackie (scrappyjak1 on YouTube) introduced me and Terri (scrappyprincess84 on YouTube) because we're both into similar crafts and live in the same town!!  Small world.  You should be expecting more from Terri and I...  as we're planning crafty adventures (shopping) and more!!  But while you wait for that go check out my videos over on my YouTube (missimoinsane) and of course the other two ladies I mentioned too.

Also wanted to do a quick blog share of Lori's blog here:

Finally wanted to share the altered clock I did last night/this morning :D I'm pleased with myself...


Imogen xX

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Crafty Update 14.02.13 & More...

Sunrise 7.20am 13th February 2013

Hey everyone,

First just wanted to say a very warm and loving happy valentines day to everyone!!  I hope you're all feeling happy and loved today...  I know I am!  

I thought I'd just share a quick blog update.  So things are going really well...  cracking on with stock making which is now a total of 146 lace flowers made for sale purpose, not including personal use or ones made not for sale purpose. Alongside from that been working on my Etsy and generally designing packaging and invoices and all that good stuff.  Not forgetting doing more research and stuff... So it's all been very busy and positive on that front as well as with personal stuff and such too.  It's all going very well...

The dismantling of my craft room is also going well thus far...  Done a massive over haul of inventory in the past 2-3 days which has been a pain but needs must and listing a bunch of stuff up for sale (locally) as well as some furniture and stuff also other things from the guest bedroom.  It's all been a bit crazy!! sleepy.

Did I mention cleaning?  I've found a new awesome quick tip...  Discovered it myself through trial and error... So here it is.  Detol antibacterial multipurpose cleaning spray (from Poundland) is AMAZING!  ...Why?  Because it removes stazon ink!!  So as said I'm getting rid of furniture and one of the things is the big dining table I use to use for my crafting.  So in attempt to remove the stazon ink from a faux wood surface hmmm...  So I sprayed a little of the spray onto the effected area and left to soak for a couple of minutes.  Then used a rough surfaced sponge (nothing too harsh though) and scrubbed gently at the surface and it came off!!  Tada!!  I'm very surprised ..  It also brought off spray paint, acrylic, cosmic shimmer mist, hair dye, hair bleach, glue, ATG tape, mouse/snail tape, distress inks, pigment ink and a variety of other tough staining product!!  So now aside from the scratches which tbh give character to the table...  it's in pretty good clean condition!!

Anyway so that's about everything new I think...  I'm living in hope that I'll have something to actually share for Saturdays YouTube post but as I said in my RAK from Dawn video on Tuesday I'm not sure if I'll be up and functioning...  I may do a more personal video than a crafty video but honestly we'll have to wait and see since my craft room is now M.I.A lol...  

Video by me and I am YouTube usermissimoinsane

Selling Updates

Anyways as said I've been working on stock for my Etsy shop which I have pretty much up and running and just waiting to get a better camera at the end of this month before I can start listing stock!!  Which as the banner says my Etsy shop link is or if you want to visit my profile check out and/or my support page at and here's some of the stock I've been working on this week :)

Imogen xX

Saturday, 9 February 2013

3 Crafty Video Updates!! + More

Hey hey...  So I did a lil promotion on my new Etsy... ( and the updates on that are that I've created a facebook page for it @  Thank you everyone for the support thus far and hopefully I'll have more news and updates for you on that front soon!!

In addition;  I have shared the storage I made for my stickpin wheels.

Further more; I have done two videos on backdated projects. These are 2 projects I made for Dawn Omar in January 2013 and she received them today thus the share but the videos themselves were recorded a little while back and may not be as 'up to date' on things.

All 3 of these videos (and more) can be found at my YouTube channel at

Imogen xX

Friday, 8 February 2013

Setting up 'Shop'. Follow me on Etsy!!

Hey everyone, 

As part of my launch, I'm setting up an Etsy shop/account @ I will of course be stocking the shelves mid-late this month (Feb 2013) however I'd much appreciate the love and support of friends (or strangers) as "followers" ... of course I will do the same in return and to help please feel free to leave your Etsy profile link in a comments below so others can do the same for you... let's network our Etsy profiles (and/or shops) ...Thank you!!


Ps. Thus far it's going really well though I'll keep you all updated.  I am setting small goals with the idea in mind that my 'shop' will be officially open by 1st March 2013.  Thank you.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feb 7th Crafty Updates

Hey everyone,

Wow... So I've taken some time to find myself and realised just where all the negativity has come from this year!! Anyways. I've decided to channel all that bad energy into doing good and productive things! Yes you've guessed it big time craftyness mission!!  

So as you may or may not know I've been having a really bad time trying to find a craft room layout that's practical, functional, pretty and usable - for me. What a mission. 

Anyways the past couple of days I've gone through everything, yet again, and fully designed a new layout and new order of things and made teeny-tiny "zones" in a more organised and user friendly way. 

So while I'm part under taking a massive craft room revamp over the next few weeks I've also been trying to find storage for some items which don't have homes. Inc' altering a box and some packaging to create a cute storage solution of my stickpin wheels!! Almost finished this and of course will share the video on Saturday night's YouTube upload @

Further more I am making lists of things that I want to sell...  Plus some other general none crafty stuff.

But in general been overly crafty this week.  Not to mention 'mount lace' I won "a few small bags of lace" there's more than "a fre small bags!!" this HUGE parcel arrived and I thought "wtf have I bought?" and now having to go through it all and try and work out how to store it all.  I've made a start with 3 'shoe' storage boxes one for white, one for colour and one for white with colour ...what have I got myself into...  on the plus side I've been very busy making more lace flowers...  

Since I now easily have over 100 ready made I'm going to start sorting them out for selling :) :D Here's a sneak peak at SOME of them!!

(Click the pic's to enlarge!!)

Anyways... got lots to be getting on with. So I'll be around :D :) plus found an actually wonderful crafty network full of wonderful, lovely and inspiring people.  :) :D

Imogen xX