Sunday, 27 January 2013

Thinking of selling my lace flowers...

Not the best picture, sorry 22nd January 2013

Hey as the title says I'm thinking of selling my lace flowers...  

Here's a sample of none centered flowers ranging from apx 1" to just under 3.5" I took a picture to show friend(s) what I was working on and since had a couple of requests to sell these.  

I have decided if I did I'd sell them in packs of 5 (probable mostly larger flowers perhaps 3 large 2 small or well we'll see)  But I wanted to get a rough idea what people would be willing to pay so lets pretend this is a picture of a pack of 5 lace double flowers please answer the 4 questions below.

So hypothetically speaking lets say you're interested... 

Question 1 What would you be interested in:

5 lace flowers with bling centers
5 lace flowers with button centers
5 lace flowers with no centers so you could add your own
6 lace flowers in mixture of 2 bling, 2 button and 2 o centers

Question 2 What prices would you be willing to pay (not including P&P) for say a pack of 5 (ranging from 1" - 3.5" double flowers):

Question 3 What P&P prices for UK (not international) would you be willing to pay (shipping packaging and postage) postage:
Up to £1 
£1 - 2
£2 - 3
(obviously would vary for combined orders, size and weight - I will ship internationally but postage will be based on international shipment and package weight and size etc...)

Question 4 What other products other than lace flowers would you be interested in?
Polymer Clay / Clay creations
Handmade minature flower sprays (metal with beading)
Miniature stickpins
Die Cuts
Handmade cards
Handmade tags
Mixture of the above 
Or other

{More samples of my work coming soon.  I have created a facebook page however it will not be active until I have a good bunch of feedback, research and stock @ - thank you}

(comments please)

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