Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Updates Thus Far.

So I'm miles behind with everything and sadley really been neglecting my blog. Sorry blog. Pfft.

Anyways... I have done some stuff this year... I decided as a New Year's Res' that I'd create more and do more YouTube videos... So here's 3 videos from this year but sadley only 1 creation. I have another to film and I'm working on multiple other ones... Not too shabby. Got a whole bunch of ideas... but that's for another day ;)

I entered Challege #1 @ Crafty Fairy Godmothers (facebook group by Dawn Omar). I decided to do a plaque since we had to do a plaque or a card and I decided to make it to mark that I have been crafting for 1 year (since Jan 2012).

I also got some more wonderful wonderful serprise HAPPY MAIL from the lovely Dawn!! 

I was also tagged by Marie (who is marigoldblu) on YouTube to answer 9 questions which are mostly related to crafting, youtube or both... with the odd curve ball... 

All of the above videos are by me and I am missimoinsane on YouTube.

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