Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happy New Year... 14 days too late. Oopse.

Well where have I been?


So...  November...  December...  Busy with Christmassy stuff... Then Birthday...  Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve was actually quite wonderful indeed, lots of last minute wrapping...  start of Christmas dinner cooking, Turkey flavoured Bacon Sandwhiches for tea and films, giggles, commedy and snuggles with Josh.  Yes Christmas Eve was indeed quite wonderful.  ...  Christmas Day.  Christmas day...  let me see.  Got up, opened wonderful presents...  Josh started cooking, my Grandparents arrived, opended more ... slightly odd presents, Christmas dinner with laughing, gigles, Toy Story 2 on the box, managed not to avoid the Queens speach, jokes, funny hats, remannicing...  Not an argument or negative moment to be had.  Grandparents left...  We watched Dr Who :D :D and then some commedy where I fell asleep.  Woke up several hours later (Boxing Day Early Hours Of The Morning) ...I'M ILL...  OMG I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.  So...  Boxing Day...  Was ill (flue) followed by plenty of bed rest through to New Years Eve in which Joshua had to work :( :'( leaving me all along...  but he suprised me and got to come home before midnight (about 11ish) and so we got to do the whole seeing in the New Year and Midnight Kiss :D - Makes me happy.  New Years Day...  Still ill but meh...  Slowley getting better...  over the past 14 days.  Now pretty much better.  Been moving my Craft Room round (well Josh has, he's wonderful) then I've been reorganising it all.  Crafting.  YouTube.  Facebook.  The usual and such...  So now you're upto date.  :)

Happy None Birthday.   Merry Christmas Eve.   Merry Christmas.  Merry Boxing Day.  Happy New Years Eve.  Happy New Year(s Day).  Hello 14th January...

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