Friday, 18 January 2013

Crafting Thus Far 19th Janaury 2013

Hey so I thought I'd write a quick update on my crafting.  So... This year has been interesting, as said it started out with flue and during this time I totally lost my creative mojo and crafting just wasn't working out for me no matter what I did.  I thought long and hard about the things I wanted to do but when it came down to it I just made a big mess, ruined some lovely papers and felt awesome...  So what happened!!?

Dawn started a facebook group (Crafty Fairy Godmothers) and me along with the other 5 wonderful ladies became closer...  Some of us chatting on and off since early November but some I only met through the group early January.  However their wonderful personalities, creative works and generally their insperation and even their influencial chats helped bring out my creative side again.  Dawn started a challenge which I embraced...  I figured the whole thing was actually quite fitting since it was to design a 6x6 card or plaque.  I figured since this month is 1 year since I started crafting that I would create a plaque to represent that, which I did and it really helped me get out of the creative rut I was in.

So moving on from that a number of things happened...  First Dawn sent me a lovely RAK and two of the items were quite interesting.  The first was a photo frame which she has requested I alter for her and send back and the second being a plain circular bolsa box to alter for myself.  Also in the RAK Dawn had created me my very own Crafty Fairy Godmother sign which influenced the next challenge on CFG (which I'm hosting!) it's more of a challenge swap as we each have to make 6 signs (one for ourselves and one each for the other ladies in the group).  Which has proven to be very eventful since most if not all the ladies have totally different tastes and such which has made me embrace things I haven't done before or improve on the things that I have.  Learning all the time.  I got the wonderful idea of making pin cushions also and in the mix of stuff also stickpins, improving on tags and I have some Birthday cards to get started on also!!  Very busy!  

We also created the blog which I am really looking forward to help developing, while bettering my skills... inspiring others and perhaps even making new friends!!

I generally feel that this years crafty creations are 100% better than last years...  Even if I say so myself.  But I'm pleased with myself and thus why I am writing this blog and sharing a couple of my recent projects in video form. Lots more to share but don't want to spoil suprises...  hehe.

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Imogen xX

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