Friday, 21 December 2012

My 24th Birthday 20th December

Hey all,

I'm so sorry I've been neglectful of my blog but what with the Christmas rush and everything I haven't had much of a chance for anything so really this isn't just a Birthday update but a general December update... lol.

So Birthday.  My Grandparents came over the day before to celibrate my Birthday a day early we had a wonderful time shopping in my local town.  Some of the shopping was for my Birthday, some for Christmas and some because well we could.  That was really nice though finished off with a meal which was seriously lacking in quantity, cold and not cooked right.  But still it was a good day asside from the poor meal at the pub we went too.  Additionally made even better by the two suprise parcels.  One from Dawn and the other from Jackie (thank you both!!) and so I did videos (which I'll share on the end of this blog).

My actual Birthday (20th December) I had a really wonderful Birthday with Josh.  We went over to the City to the big cinema and watched The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Brilliant!!  Plus we got to watch it in 3D on comfortable seats which made the whole experience even better!!  After we came home for a bit and then later we went out to the GRILLE steak house which is AMAZING!  Massive steaks, lots of food and a very nice place to be.  Expensive of course.  But a wonderful time was had by all!!  It rained a lot.  Just like normal on my Birthday.  The whole day felt very special indeed and I got a lot of nice presents such as my iPhone from Josh, half my cricut/gypsy from Josh, £100 from my Grandparents and such forth and a bunch of nice cards too.

Imogen xX

Ps. My 2 RAKs...  Thank you ladies xX