Friday, 30 November 2012

My YouTube Updates November!

Hey sorry all been a lil laid back due to stuff going on and medical stuff and such anyways I created another 'watch me work' video of a christmas card, a video on how to editi video for beginners in windows movie maker, a craft haul, my latest polymer creations and another 'watch me work' freehand holly embellishments.  All on my YouTube @ missimoinsane or watch them below!! Imogen xX

I've been looking at cricuts (and wanted the limited edition cricut expressions pink) and they're about £250-£350 new and about £200-300 used. But this lady on ebay was selling one with a gypsy too for £230!! I messaged her asking if she'd mind selling it off ebay and what was her best price so I got them both (with other stuff too for £185!! including shipping!) I know it's an early Birthday and Christmas present from the lovely Joshua but he said I can use it as soon as it arrives :D :D She'll post it Monday soo... AND she's called Teri and want's to be friends :D :D she's very nice! :D YEY!! So utterly excited :D :D  It should be here erm...  maybe Thursday?  It also comes with original pink cartridge (Breast Cancer, Hope) and Designers Calendar cartridge :D plus what ever's on the Gypsy!!


Friday, 16 November 2012

RAK from Jackie / Polymer Clay / WMW1

Blog Updates.

Ok been lazy and still not got the pictures of hall, stairs and landing done nor the ones of our kitchen *tut tut*.  But I have done 3 videos over on YouTube of various things!!

So first I recieved Happy Mail (RAK) from the lovely Jackie who is scrappyjak1 on YouTube.  Then second video I shared how I store my Polymer Clay and stuff to do with that.  Then third video I learnt how to hook my digital camera upto my laptop so I can use my laptop screen to see what I am recording and tested this out by creating a christmas card.  - Anyways feedback on the 3 would be loved and also subscribe if you haven't already to both my blog and YouTube channel (missimoinsane)


Thursday, 8 November 2012

my entery to challenge #40

So I have been a member of for a number of months now and after the first month you get to activley participate in the weekly challenge with a chance (random draw system) to win.

I finally decided to be brave and before knowing what this weeks challenge was about I decided to commit to entering it.  Oh how foolish!!

So this weeks challenge #40 is to create a 'thanksgiving table center piece'.  Now being that I'm in the UK, we don't celebrate this and generally that makes things difficult enough but ontop of that we also had to have a piece that was a minimum size of 8"x3", had to include a themed sentiment, had to include sticks of some kind and also the colours orange, brown, yellow, green, purple and red.  But I managed it!! :D

So here's my entry, not the best entry and not the best thing I ever made but I'm happy enough to share it and enter it into the challenge.

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Altered Notebook: My First Crafty Journal

So I've created a "My First Crafty Journal" in aid to use it to write down tutorials, ideas, inventory and so on and such forth.  Here's a video of this...

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Please look below the pictures for the insperation tutorial I mentioned
by YouTube user  

Click the pic to enlarge.


Tutorial by YouTube user  

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Mini Album: For You Marie On A Wing And A Prayer

Mini Album & Card
Made for Marie
who is Marigoldblu on YouTube

"For You Marie On A Wing And A Prayer"
Video by Me and I am missimoinsane on YouTube

I really hope you enjoy this video, that Marie enjoys her gifts and all in all I really enjoyed myself making these for such a wonderful lady.