Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Toaster Oven Bargain!!

Hey all,

So today I made an amazing find!  For me, anyways…  Ok.  So I have been looking for ‘toaster ovens’ now for some time!  I can’t seem to find them at the shops and online they’re overly priced once you include shipping especially for what I want it for.  I want it for baking polymer clay.

Anyway, today we went to town as the flea-market is on Tuesdays and it was the firs thing I saw!  I asked the bloke “how much” and he said “£10, but for you £5”.  BARGAIN the cheapest online inc postage is £30!!  So we bought it.

It looks like this… (I did not take the picture, thank you google).

Hinari Tiny Top Mini Oven Toaster

So I know I said I wanted it for polymer but I wanted to clear up why.  So here are a few reasons.  First being in my situation I can’t bend down so well to put them in the oven, check on them or remove them from the oven, all of this it particularly difficult for me.  Beside this I don’t like the taste of food for a number of meals after baking polymer clay in the oven (it’s also toxic).  Furthermore the cost of gas to cook polymer is silly.  So a little toaster oven that will do the job (bake) just the same but in my craft room at an accessible place.  I may indeed have to work on more polymer charms and such now I have access to baking properly (obviously once I can get to my polymer as the house is still upside down (or downstairs up in my case!!)

So that’s my oober awesome find!  Bargain!  As new!  Wonderful – happy days.

As for the house, there’s been no updates because nothing new has happened since I last wrote … just playing the waiting game (still).

Imogen xX


  1. that is sooo cool! (or maybe hot lol) please let us know how it works out! I've been wanting to get into polymer

    1. It won't be for some time, but for sure I'll let you know how it goes :D