Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Tutorial Candy Container Faux Cauldren

So for last minute Halloween I decided to create a cauldren style bucket of candy bag goodies for all the lil trick'or'treaters that may appear at my door.  I also thought I'd do a walkthrough of how I created this.  Please see video at the end of this tutorial also...  Happy Halloween!!

So I made this out of things I had... 
...and the only money spent was on sweets!! 

Let me show you how I did it!!

Total time to create 8 hours make time + dry time

- An old plasic container such as a bowl
- Some form or wire or string (handle)
- Some form of little goody bags (organza bags)
- Sweets (and perhaps other goodies)
- Newspaper
- Craft Glue
- Black paint, Orange paint, Paint Brush, Water Bowl and
Kitchen (Tissue) Roll
- Wool, Ribbon and any other embellishments
- A drill or something to pierce plastic (be careful with this)

I started with newspaper and an old plastic bowl.  Purchased ages ago at Poundland for £1.  I then mix Craft Glue (in my case PVA) with water.  As we're creating a paper-mache, I'm sure everyone knows how to tear up newspaper, dip it in the glue/water mix and apply to an item... in this case outside of the bowl and if you don't have waiting time a heat tool can help!!

I then drilled 2 holes for the handles.  And moved on to making goody bags while waiting for that to air dry I added an equal number of sweets to these orange and purple organza bags (I happened to have) - Draw string bags are ideal not to lose some of them goodies.

Once the outside paper-mache was dried I then moved on to painting the inside with Acrylic Black paint.

At this point I went to bed...
But in the morning the inside was totally dry so I moved on to paint the outside in the same way...

After that's dried I painted on the 'rust' in orange acrylic paint... (dabble don't stroke!)


I took the wire from an old dissued lampshade and bent it into a funky shap and bent round into the bowl.  I wanted to secure with ducttap however could only find parcel tape so this had to do.

Paint took a little battering while working this out... but not to worry!!

I then wrapped the whole handle (and tape) with black wool.  I stook an orange Ribbon to the backside of the purple ribbon and made a bow.  Which I attached wiith more black wool to the handle (love how the bow turned out!!)

I filled in the scratched off paint with more "rust" orange acrylic paint...

Once it was dried I filled the faux cauldren style bowl with goody bags for the lil trick'or'treater's...

 (yes I made up more bags, 32 and there's more to be done... maybe!)

Perfect as a candy holder, the way I did it.  Or as a childs candy bucket when going trick'or'treating :)

I opted to buy save candies that came in their own wrappers and put a little bag of jelly sweets (Haribo) and other packaged sweets together to make these little bags with 6 packs/indevidual sweets in each bag (total 32 bags).

I hope someone comes...  but it's decor that will last till next year, can be repainted for easter or just kept as home decor.  ~ Just thoughts.

Imogen xX
Please keep an eye out for my "Halloween Sign" creation too!!

Video by me and I am YouTube user

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