Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Sign Tutorial Idea

Halloween Sign ~ Last Minute Idea

So I thought I'd show you how to do it...

- Old chipboard or thin wood (I used the back off an old
kitchen cabinet) but generally something to give a base.
- Piece of wood (timer)
- Various brown, black, orange, red, green acrylic paints
- Various brushes.
- Nails
- Hammer
- Some form of embellishments (if required)
- Pencil & Black Marker

As said I took the back off one of the old kitchen units (having a new kitchen fitted) broke off the sides for a more 'rough' look.I then painted this with 2 kinds of brown to create "wood".

Here you can see I've created my wood using pant and then used black paint and marker to make it seem like three wood pannels just to give a little depth, cracks and wood markings

 I also added some orange for spider eggs {Heat gun + Acrylic Paint = Bubble Texture}

 This is how the sign looks thus far.  ...looking good?

I took a plain piece of scrap timber I had...

I then painted it a darker brown...

While waiting for stuff to dry...  I worked out what I wanted the sign to say! "ENTER if you dare"

Other thoughts were.  "Enter At Your Own Risk", "WARNING", "DANGER", "Keep Out"...  sadley there wasn't enough room for "Welcome to the house of horrors" (ICP Quote)

After adding lettering I used glossy accents and a rubber spider to create this embellishment detail...

 And here's how the sign looks.  I went over the blood splats with glossy accents too.  Happy...

I then nailed the sign to the wood using tacks.  I put foam and tape over the back of the wood to hide the tiny nail points coming through...  and I painted orange, green and black onto the tack heads for a rust look.

 One Halloween Sign.

I have a big planter in the middle of my front garden I intend to stick this
into...  hope it doesn't rain!!  Anyways...

Make time probably about 5 hours but most of that was paying and
experimenting and letting it air dry as it was too late to be using my heat
gun!!  So Happy Crafting & Happy Halloween Everybody!!



Imogen Cane


Video by me and I am YouTube user

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