Sunday, 23 September 2012

MIA Sketch Bunny

Ok so I've been 'missing in action' for a while now on deviantART @ =missimoinsane and figured I'd probably be for a while longer. There's stuff going on with my house and I've started doing crafts at ~missimoinsane-crafts and not really sure where I am going (other than in circles and not anywhere fast) with my digital drawing/painting stuff. So here's a quick sketch so you know I'm not dead. I am here and working really hard with #AnotherContestGroup so much going on atm... Imogen xX

Further more...

Work In Progresss {Through out Aug & Sep 2012}.

Over the time of which I have been doing this there has been a lot of wonderful critiques and comments upon my works. However so much has been conflicting information and I honestly feel the better I get the more people don't like my work. I am stuck in a rut with all of this and this is but another in a long line of works that I am unhappy with.

I love the drawing and I am liking where this is going however from here on the colouring just doesn't look right. I like the hair but it doesn't go with the girl and the more I work on the eyes the worse they get and generally this whole thing is going from ok - bad and then to worse.

I am totally stuck with my digital art as said, just wanted to show my latest in a long line of fails.

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