Monday, 13 August 2012

Personal Updates 13th Aug 2012

So thought I would do a blog based on that I haven’t for a number of days. 

Re things with my builder haven’t changed.  I’m really cross as everyone kept passing the book onto Trading Standards who have closed the book, told me it’s nothing to do with me now and that’s that no action taken.  Although a lady did ring me this morning but I missed the call {she was from Trading Standards} and I have spent the rest of my day reaching her answering machine.  – Not sure what that’s about.

Re I have also been sick, I am over the cupboard falling on my head concussion thing now…  like headaches and such have gone.  But I’ve been ill with a variety of different illness’s one minute is flue then a cold then an ear infection then a chest infection and a whole plater of other random illness’s which haven’t lasted more than a couple of hours each but that have been constant for maybe say 6 days?  Anyways today I’m feeling loads better and all this medical stuff has been put down to stress and upset – boo.  But I’m surviving.

So that’s pretty much me and pretty much IT.  For what’s going on with me.  Except for the best part which is on the 10th of this month {10th August 2012} myself and my wonderful partner celebrated 2 years of being together which was wonderful and aside from me being ill we had a wonderful day.  Super wonderful day actually. 

Anyway, hopefully get back to my life soon and get over the whole audial and get the kitchen fixed up and be more forward in the whole process of everything.  We’ll see.

Imogen xX

Update:  Just recieved this email from regarding the Bo Bunny Gabrielle 6x6 paper pad I bought like 3 weeks ago and they said they had to order it for me, I'm not happy:

Hiya, I’ve now had deliveries from both the UK and US distributors but unfortunately they have stopped supplying that pad.  But I have found that Bo Bunny are not out of stock thankfully and do still sell it (it’s just the distributor has ‘retired’ it.) so I’m just getting a big enough order together to allow me to do a trade order directly with Bo Bunny themselves, at least then we know we’ll get it!  So apologies for the delay but I’ll get it out to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, happy crafting
- Janice

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