Thursday, 16 August 2012

Made My Own Bo Bunny Gabrielle Papers!!

Hey so I've been on a mission to find papers that will match the bo bunny gabrielle paper line as I don't want to use the whole 6x6 pad in my project and have multiple repeated papers!!  So I decided to use photoshop and created some 12x12 papers of my own by fully creating my own or photo manipulating the bo bunny gabrielle papers.  These are not for sale and are only to be used by myself and there for I am not breaking any copyright law as I am also not claiming these designs to be 100% my own.

Here is a sample picture of the ones I have made thus far!! :D

Click The Pic To Make Bigger!!
Using photoshop CS5, bo bunny gabrielle papers and some of my own designs and free digital stamps that I've had forever. 

Imogen xX

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  1. Hello! I am curious about one thing, could you please share with us your place of origin?