Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Inspire Mini Mini Album - Over View!!

Hey everyone so I’ve been working on a “inspire” mini mini album as a gift and a thank you present to a friend as part of a RAK I’m building up for her.  I’m super super excited about how it turned out and you can see the video and pictures below!! :)

Ok ok, so after my wonderful creative spree of around 12 hours over 2 days...  I was left with a "mess" now I'm not sure if I look at this and think "I created something wonderful" or "Oh shit I've got to clean that up!" ... lol however 12 hours worth of mess only took 15 minutes to clean up!!  Doing the math, I'd say it turns out that "I created something wonderful" is a much better outlook for the following images;

{Click the Pic's to Enlarge!}

As said, tidy time!!

Inspire Mini Mini Album

 Imogen xX

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