Friday, 20 July 2012 I spent more money!!

Ok so I was super naughty but in truth aside from the money for the stamps and for a commission from Amanda (all in all less than £15) and I haven't had my last 2 months magazines etc.  Anyways listen to me try to justify buying things!!  Josh said I could, and gave me his bank card YEY!!

Anyways I discovered this awesome site yesterday when trying to find Bo Bunny Gabrielle papers, which are stunning and I will do a share on them once they arrive and I have the prefect idea for them hence why I was looking to buy them,  Anyway.  Super cheap prices on this site and postage is AWESOME!

First let me say stocks some awesome stuff (keep reading) and the postage is: UK SAVER Postage (Royal Mail 1st Class - FREE for Orders over £45.00) or £2.79 flat rate to UK and will arrive in 2-5 working days.   They do international shipping which depends on the weight of the item(s) in your basket.

But super excited about this store and what indeed I bought!!  So...  I bought:

A bottle of 'Glossy accents' which I am super excited about for many reasons but mostly that the Glossy accents cost me £4.95 (see link) when I've never seen it for less than £8 here in the UK!!  So super happy, plus they currently have an offer on where you can buy 2 for £9.50 from their website again but different sale page (see link).  

My comments from my research:  Glossy accents is as it says on the bottle a clear glossy liquid you can use to cover a variety of mediums such as paper, metal, plastic, wood etc to make it shiny, in addition this stuff drys semi quickly depending on the thickness of the amount used.  Say half an hour - an hour and half.  But better than most gloss mediums.  Due to it's strength and dry time Glossy accents can also be used as an adhesive, matter of moments for a small spot.  Also available is a crackle accents which gives a cracked aged effect.

Anyway, I have every intention to use this product on my next mini album which will start as soon as I gather all my supplies a.s.a.p

I finally got my hot little hands on this wonderful item, the storage carousel.  Now while this one is not by "We R Memory Keepers" or "Making Memories" ...I am under the belief they have stopped making these now (looks slightly differ plus no brand name).  

I struggled for ages trying to find the desktop storage carousel here in the UK and the expense of them over in the US is about £70 before international shipping.  I was super exited when I found it on another website priced at £32.99 before shipping although couldn't gather any information on shipping cost and frankly decided that I wanted to spend the money on paint and shelving etc for my craft room before I bought more stuff when I didn't have a place to put it!!  Anyways on they have this wonderful desktop carousel for £24.99 (go here) plus all the embellies you see in the pic!! BARGAIN!!

Also note that the carousel rotates making it very easy to access items AND this can easily double up as a very awesome makeup holder for makeup brushes, makeups, hair brushes and/or accessories, sprays and much more.  Just thoughts.

Bo Bunny Gabrielle 6x6 papers £4.99 (see here) which is brilliant as the pad contains 36 pages of paper which as always with Bo Bunny are Acid and Lignin Free papers.

I am super excited about this paper collection as earlier this year my partner and I went to London and stayed at his Mums for his Nephews first communion and his Dads 65th Birthday.  Lots of pictures were taken (still waiting on some to be sent to me via email) but his Mum doesn't have recent pictures of the family nor does she have the internet so I thought a wonderful simple-ish mini album full of photos from that week would go down a treat and be a super lovely gift for her.  Her favourite colour is turquoise and finding paper lines that are mostly turquoise (or very similar colour such as aqua or teal blue) became a difficult task until is stumbled upon this devine paper pack which is turquoise, salmon, brown, black and white.  Of which I still have to buy further embellishments but do have some ribbons, fibres, lace and embellies that will go wonderfully with this collection.  As I said it doesn't want to be over complex with loads of pockets and tags and such but I'm sure this paper line will be perfect.  Of course, as always, I will share my creations.  

Alternative places to buy this paper are Ebay at £8.98 inc postage or US import for a lot more.  This paper line also comes in 12x12 and a variety of embellishments, toppers, tags, stickers and more.  See these videos;

  • First half of the following video by YouTube user contains viewings of both sides of the papers.

^ Video by YouTube user ^

  •  This video only shows one side of the papers but shows the other embellishments and such that go with this paper line.  This video is by YouTube user

    ^ Video by YouTube user ^

Anyway, Thank you for looking/watching and I hope this may help and/or inspire someone. Imogen xX

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