Monday, 2 July 2012

Katy Crafts 1st Challenge Winner:


My Entry:

x missimoinsane x
Imogen Cane


  1. Even if you were the only entry to my first challenge I am pleased you won, you put a lot of effort into your project and followed the sketch perfectly. I am posting your winning prize now! :) xx

    1. Hey hun,

      I'm just pleased all round, even if I hadn't won as you gave me that boost to crack on with my craft room dispite my pain and get it usable instead of putting it off and off and... so thank you. I can't wait to recieve my winnings, I love your flat back pearls and tbh green is the only one I'm really lacking!! So yey so top up!! :D Wonderful, I look forward to further challenges from yourself :D

      Imogen x