Monday, 23 July 2012

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Hey all, 

So I did a blog about and I bought 3 items on Friday (one is out of stock) and 2 of them arrived today (Monday) ~ which I'm super happy with the shipping and the shipping cost please see my blog about that because I reccommend them.  I didn't realise "special order" means they have to order it in before they can ship it too you, but at no additional shipping cost I am thus far happy.

Anyways since it came today I decided to do some videos and such and upload them to YouTube.  I did 3 the first is "How I store my scrap paper" simply because a couple of people have asked me that lately so thought I'd share that.  Second video is of what Joshua bought me at the weekend and what I got from, what I bought from Amanda aka Mrsdotdotdotty and some organising bits and bobs and the wall art by Katy so here's the videos (I'll add the YT description under the videos on my blog here)  and finally the thrid video is of my latest creation but I'm not going to upload it to YouTube until she's recieved it as I don't want to spoil the suprise :P

Anyways don't forget to check out my youtube channel ~ Thank you  

♥ Thank you for watching x Imogen
I am currently in the middle of sorting out some other organising bits, while having my kitchen done (see blog) and then I'll be able to get my craft room finished (finished furnished etc) and do a "my craft room tour video" :D :D

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