Saturday, 16 June 2012

Our House: Living Room Updates & More (+Pics)

So, we decided to spend the day cracking on with some of the house work and things that needed doing...  We started off by installing the new curtains...  Bay window first... thoughts?

I also brought down this little phone stand so that we could move stuff off of the window and bring the phone down stairs and install the lamp and generally tidy up this corner of the living room!!  Happy!

Something about that windowsill just doesn't look right...  I think it's the frame with the green circles on it...  It just doesn't fit in with the living room but I love that photo...  let's have a think about that..!!

While thinking I added picture rings to the back of this mirror and hung it in the hall way (in this strange rectangular plastered... thing!!)  ...Not sure how I feel about it at the moment.  But there's my neon pink new dressing gown and the monster of a nightmare stair lift in the reflection.

Speaking of which, here's the hinge part to the stair lift...

...and here's the stair lift / chair / general nightmare...  having this removed A.S.A.P

Mean while in the living room Josh is installing our new clock, which is a house warming present from my grandparents... isn't it lovely!!  It's black glass!! 

...And here is Josh cleaning finger prints from said black glass...!!

As I was saying about that picture frame that just didn't look right...  I decided to alter it and use left over border from the living room walls :P  Matching and snazzy!!

See that looks much better...

Then the Assassins Creed picture fell off the wall and shockingly broke nothing!!  However we are going to have to put up some stronger picture hooks/nails to hold this large item up on the wall...  So for now it's moved!!  LOL!!   Anyway, less about that and the one missing curtain...  Look We've unpacked all the boxes from under the table...  We're thinking of getting a black and/or white folding table with the chairs that go inside and getting rid of this one eventually...

As said need to sort out putting that picture up properly.  We also want to get a red, black and/or white corner sofa as soon as we can afford it {next on the to buy list}  ...this sofa is dead and it hurts to sit on!!  It's lost it's padding and is now just covered wood!!

So back to this window because it looks nice!!?  Haha...  Also tacked the wires around the room and under the carpet...  Well done Joshua for your success where I did fail :P :P

Then after the corner sofa it's a 51" TV because this 32" looks lost on the shelving although our console collection is improving.  After the TV it's a PS3 lol...

Anyway...  it's been a long and busy day, hopefully we'll be able to pick up some curtain hooks tomorrow and get that finished, also we need to get some better picture hooks for that big picture and I think that'll do until we can afford all the other things we need.  Probably have them by Christmas all things being well!!

So before I go I thought I'd share the development process of my altered picture frame which I am overly pleased with just how well it turned out and what a difference it makes!!

 So... Using the £1 frame from Poundland... 
1. I pealed the sticker off of the front of the white frame.
2. I took the contents of the frame apart.
3. I pasted some of the left over living room border with some of the left over wall paper paste in a tube.
4. Lined the frame up face down, leaving similar spacing at top and bottom of white.
5. Weighted it down with an Argos catalogue.
6. Using scissor cut around the outside of the frame.
7. Using a knife cut the majority of the centre out and folded the rest back.
8. Using white electrical tape I masked off the inside rim around the photograph and the inside of the frame.
9. Put the whole thing back together again.
10. Took a whole bunch more pictures. ...looks much better and I did some crafts WOOOT!!!
Ps. I may at a later date go around the edges with black ink just to finish off the rough paper!! ...maybe, once I unpack my inks!!


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