Monday, 25 June 2012

New Things Shoppin Haul and Crafty-ness!!

I thought I would do a couple of shares; a project I did today and things my lovely Mr Joshua bought me from his trip to town!!

Thus first of all I was looking to create a magazine box thing, to be honest I have no idea what they’re called I just know it was far far cheaper to cut up a kelogs cornflakes box and cover it with left over wallpaper than it was to go out and buy one!!  So I did just that, measured and cut (although a little tall for the magazines, it would have looked silly any shorter due to the depth of the box lol.  Here’s what I managed to create from roughly an hours work (maybe less) to store my docrafts creativity magazines in (yes all 2 of them, I have March 2012 and May 2012 …lol!!)  I had every intention of putting it onto of the canvas shelves in my room but it won’t stand up due to Argos’s cheap and lazy way of creating uneven wood/holes in wood.  Anyways, after I covered it in some of the left over wallpaper (still got lots left) I realised that once the magazines were in the box you could see parts of the inside of the cereal box and it didn’t look very “professional” so I then traced the box onto black craft paper (thin paper) and cut out 4 side sections gluing 2 and 2 together to create a thicker black paper and then lined the top of the inside of the box and did the same for the two ends (front and back)  This gave an overall really nice finish to the box – happy!!  Here’s how it looks:

When Joshua got back from town he’d bought me some wonderful goodies.  To start with he bought me a PURElite natural daylight bulb to replace the crappy ceiling bulb in my craft room…  This is stunning.  It’s a little over cast outside today (8.22pm currently) and it’s made a world of difference…  Let’s see how it compares too at night time!!

He also bought me a pink mouse pad which is like shocking hot pink/magenta and I love love love it!!  (Picture shows red but it’s not!!) …anyway, this was a little confusing as I don’t have a mouse!!  But then out of the bag game a shocking hot pink/magenta wireless mouse!!  Which has a wonderful feel and I utterly love the scroll wheel and how that feels!!

Then out of the bag came this Hello Kitty thing, which Joshua got me because he said “there’s no Hello Kitty in your craft room!”  (Although there’s my phone box and my phone – Samsung Hello Kitty Tocco Lite).  …I think the Hello Kitty is meant to do something as it had one of them battery tags sticking out of it (to save battery while in store) but it doesn’t do anything and the instructions are everything but English and there’s no diagram *shrugs*.  But cute-ness all the same!!

Then he said he’d bought me 3 wooden rubber stamps because I’ve recently started getting stamps for my craft room.  Anyways there’s a cat that says “thinking of you!”, A well that says “Well Done!” and a sheep that shays “Thank Ewe”.

He also bought me a new bra (36G) which has a rather shabby-chic/vintage pattern on it in my opinion!!

Then while I was taking pictures of all my new lovely goodies up came dinner!!

In other news today I have been working on a Thank You (Thank Ewe) card for my Grandparents to say thank you for all they have done for us and such.  I have also been working on another mini album as a suprise for a friend but I will show more on that when it's completed (started last night with a total of around 10-11 hours work thus far!!) 

Imogen xX


  1. Loving the idea of making your own magazine folders out of cereal boxes - genius! Might be stealing that idea lol xx

    1. It's totally not my idea... it's been used many times in the past lol. Just recyling and inexpensive way to use what you have (empty cerial box + left over wallpaper + glue {or even left over wallpaper paste!} = a saving of at least £2.50!! LOL!!) ~ Thank you and share with us once you've finished!! You could also embellish the front with one of your lovely card toppers!! :D Imogen xX