Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Entry to Katy Crafts Challenge #1

24th June 2012:  My entry to Katy Crafts Challenge #1 – I decided using her template that I would create an overly large tag.  I got these very large tags in purple some time ago and never knew what to really use them for but then I had this idea.

Background – purple tag. I then created a flat overlay – pink scrap paper I cut and then corner chomped the corners.  I then repeated this but this time with a popped up overlay – purple scrap paper I again cut to size and corner chomped from here I added the Poundland flowers layered on top of each other in pinks and purples and attached them to the purple scrap with a pink flower brad and a purple flower brad.  Choosing the sentiment was easy as it’s my first craft project in my first craft room and it’s all shiny and new and YEY!!  Anyway…  So I chose the K&Company sentiment that says “Dreams really do come true!” on purple with pink and white writing.  I then added two pink brads as the ends of the sentiment were punched out and I didn’t want to leave holes.  I outlined the sentiment roughly in pink ink by dovecrafts.  I then got a deep purple butterfly and using a pop dot layered a light purple butterfly with a gem over the top.  I then stuck the purple scrap to the pink scrap using sticky foam strips to raise it all out and enhance the 3D effect I wanted to create.  I then added glitter glue by dovecrafts in pink and purple just to fill in that bottom section and add more to the front.  Then went on to add a white eyelet which matches the white text and then matching pink and purple ribbon which I melted at the ends and tied at the top of the tag with a clear hair braid band.  Fin.

First project in craft room and it was such a joy to make, a wonderful challenge set by Katy…  I hope she gets more enteries and that I get to participate in her future challenges.  I am mostly pleased I got my act together quick enough to take part in this one (challenge ends 1st July 2012).

Imogen Cane

Ps. Here's the video version plus my craft challenge/contest!! :D


  1. I love your tag Imogen! You have used the sketch perfectly! Thank you for entering and good luck! Katy xx

    1. I'm glad, I was a little worries that I'd stode away from your template, but I'm glad you like it. I forgot to mention it's oober shiney (see lol) Imogen xX