Friday, 22 June 2012

Home: More Craft Room Progress + Much More (Pics)

Well I was woken up at 8am buy the guys who came to remove the chair of the stair lift, only they removed the whole thing – YEY!!  No useless stair lift!!

Then my Grandparents came over and we went to B&Q and bought:

  • 2 long off cuts of wood (good enough to make 3 shelves out of!!) = £2.50 …yes that wasn’t a typo!!  Because they were “off cuts” they were super super cheap!!
  • 6 wall brackets = £2.98 each
  • 2 shelving wall mounts for adjustable brackets/shelving = £7.98 each
  • 1 very long banister rail = £35
  • 1 bag of 5 banister mounts = £20
  • 1 bag of 3 banister mounts = £10 (marked down as someone had stolen 2 out of the bag!!)
  • 10mm threaded rod for my clip-it-up = £4.48
  • 10mm x6 nuts = £1.98
  • 10mm x30 washers = £2.48
  • 3 corner shelving units = £2.98 each
  • Light switch replacement = £2
  • 3 socket single socket adapter = £15

Granddad and Josshua installed rail 1 of 2 this afternoon while myself and Grandma worked on the craft room wallpaper.  :D

Banister Rail Part 1 of 2:

Craft Room Wallpaper Progress & More:

...So Grandma and I did the first two drops of wall paper...  and then I did the third drop with help and then while I was doing the fourth Granddad came and installed my new light switch faceplate and also rewired it (he’s a retired electrician) so that the switch was the right way round!!   Then he also installed the new 3 plug plate in place of the single plug plate.  While I did the next 95% of wallpapering by myself... I am a clever girl??? No but seriously dead pleased with how it turned out and myself.  Thankful to  my Grandparents and also Joshua for making me cups of tea!! :D  So that's all the walls decorated in the craft room now!!

Window wall where I am going to have the shelving mounted...

Voile curtain in black, what's the thoughts??

Anway, that's that...  My Grandparents arrived at 11.30am-ish and left at 7pm-ish and said they'd be back tomorrow or Sunday to finish the work (banister and shelving).  I offtered for them to stay the night but they declined, made their excuses and left - which is fine by me :D :)  So very productive day even though now I feel like I am going to die!!  PAINFUL ME!

Imogen xX

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