Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mini Home Shopping Haul: Accessories and things!!

So today my Grandma wanted to pop to Dunelm Mill as there’s a sale on.  While we were there we picked up a stunning red rug which will match our living room perfectly!!   Was £34.99,  Now £27.99 = Save £7.00.

While there thay also had some Dovecrafts ink pads, originally I was paying £3+ on Ebay for them (bought black and a brown coco), but then found a site where I can buy them for £2.15 each (didn’t buy them though)…  Then today I found them (along with a hole host of other crafting goodies I couldn’t afford to buy) for £1 so I got red, forest green, hot pink, silver, gold and crystal white (hoping to make a start on my Christmas cards sooner rather than later!!)

Not the best photo, but you get the idea.
Though most of the things I wanted such as desk lamp, true colour daylight bulbs and silver lampshade were all sold out or at least no where to be seen, nor did they have the scatter cushions or covers I saw online or the dinner set.  So we decided to take a look over at The Range.

While there we bought a “Lima Laptop Tray – Pink” due to Joshua stealing my blue tray that he bought me for my Birthday last year!!  :P  (He borrowed it a couple of days ago and quite liked it, he hasn’t actually stolen it, he offered to buy me a new one in pink… to be honest it’s bigger and nicer… he could have had the new one and in black… bless him!!  Anyway…  Was £7.99, Now £6.99 so Save £1.00

I also got docrafts creativity magazine (March 2012 edition) for £1 …free stamp and some good tips.  But all the vouchers and comps are out dated and they (like The Range back home) don’t have this months magazine in yet.  I am thinking this isn’t good as by the time it’s out all comps, vouchers, freebies, promotions etc etc are expired!!  Anyway, I have wrote a question here anyway…  I’m a little annoyed as it was something I was looking forward too but now it’s become a difficulty as I am not medically able to keep trapsing out to see if it is or isn’t in stock yet nor do I want to pay additional money for P&P when I’d rather watch free online tutorials and save my money for products!!

Also bought some more curtain hooks so I can hang that last curtain :D :D :)  £1 for a bag of 50 number 6 curtain hooks :D :)

Then we looked at desk lamps and I got a really lovely pink LED desk lamp called “Luna Desk Lamp” and that Was £5.59, Now £4.19 so Save £1.40!!  Although we couldn’t find some of the other bits or at least that we liked so figured we’d wait a while and see what we can find back in Barnsley (home).

But then we saw a wonderful hat stand which is about £30 and perfect!!  Sadly we decided it’s to be added to the luxury and not necessity list of wanted items for our home which means we can’t really afford it this month.  But then we turned a corner and found the most perfect faux leather sofa in gray/black and it was soo bloody soft and comfortable and stunning and it was honestly comfortable bliss…  But at £1000 not something we can afford especially this side of Christmas 2013 never mind 2012!!  - Gutted.

Oh and she also bought us 4 brand new really comfortable and thick plump pillows for our bed and 4 pillow protectors.  Our old pillows were a bit old hat and the new ones we got the other week weren’t expensive and flattened rather quickly so they’re now on the guest bed since they’re only about a week or so old!! 

I think that’s about everything, oh and my Grandma got us these wonderful two side tables in black from a carboot for £5 (for the pair) and we swapped her our very small brown single nest of tables!!  BARGAIN!!  Oh and a complete box of white domino's for £1 which I bought off of her :)

Right table
Left Table:

Imogen xX

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