Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Home: Process Craftroom Touch Ups Pink Paint!! (+ Pics)

Right so I know I said I was going to have a lazy day today... but then I decided I really wanted to try and crack on with my craft room...   and so I decided to try doing touch ups on the patchy-ness.  Given the results after an hours drying time I am thinking the patches are where I missed with the 2nd coat.  Anyways...  The sun is shining directly into the room now so we'll see how it looks later when it's dark with just the light on!!

Finished pink painting???

I also reinstalled my blinds in the window and removed the lightshade from the ceiling light.

I then went ahead and painted the door white and started demasking the room.

I made a start on taking off the cracking paint from the radiator and well... it's not going too well!!

Anyway, that's me for now... lol :) I am off to have a rest and a think about the old radiator paint!!  Oh and this is what's left of the pink paint btw:

Imogen xX

Ps.  I have got the last of the four curtains up in the living room today, all that's left now is to borrow a drill and install the tieback hooks (need to drill, insert rawpluggs and then the curtain hooks... joy!!)


  1. The paint looks great now :) i dunno about that radiator paint though, maybe sand it off?! I painted the bathroom yesterday and that's enough DIY for a while so I think you're soing really well with all the jobs you've been doing! xx

    1. Thank you Katy xX I'm not sure about sandpaper, Joshua said he'll have a bash at it tomorrow with a brillow pad thingy and see how that works out with some terps *shrug*. I'm hoping to be done sooner rather than later as there's so many crafty things I want to be doing!! Imogen xX