Thursday, 14 June 2012

Home: Process Craftroom Second Coat Pink Paint!! (+ Pics)

Hello...  Here we go again;  14th June 2011 ... The morning after once the paint had dried... Paint looks better colour in person although patchy!

So I made a start on the 2nd coat and managed to pull some of the pink paint off, which pulled off the cream and revealed neon yellow...  really!!  NEON YELLOW!??

So as I was a stress-head I roped Joshua into helping ... didn't make much difference as the 2nd coat was still patchy after the touch up's but here's how it looks now...  (I apprechiated the help!!)

"Why does she look like a pirate?" ... "Pirates are in this year!!?"

We'll see if it looks any better once it's dried and in hopefully better lighting tomorrow (cloudy day outside).  Imogen xX

Ps. Coat 2 of pink in craft room finished... still bloody patchy... is it me or is it more patchy??  Plus lumps of dried white paint have got into the mix and keeps appearing on the walls like parts of balloons!!

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