Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Home: Process Craftroom First Coat Pink Paint!! (+ Pics)

Hello,  I have been working very hard tonight (13th June 2012) as I have fully painted 3 of 4 walls pink, well the first coat of pink. It took just under 5 hours in total and I did it all by myself. Including mixing “Raspberry Bellini” Dulux paint (not red like it shows it was more of a very deep pink) with Wicks white to create my own pink colour!! Taking down the blinds and curtains and of course masking up the room (not the ceiling though, I was just overly careful). Anyway here’s some process pictures of the first coat of paint and a sneak peak of my stunning wallpaper :P 

First here's some before pictures of my crafroom:

I am sorry for the colour but it is late at night that I am doing this and so the camera is not picking up how lovely the pink is!!  Anyways here is from start to 4 hours in, took a break:

Here is some better pictures of the colour, changed the settings on my camera and while it's not 100% spot on it looks more like the true colour!!  Hehe.  Also you can see my birdcage I am going to hang in the room :D so the following pictures are of the finished 3 wall first coats of paint. 

That's more like it!!  It's more of this colour... maybe a lil different...  anyways I love how it looks :D :P

See the room is patchy, needs a second coat... not sure if I can streach to a third coat though :S

I also, as said, thought I'd share a sneak peak at my stunning wall paper which is going to go on that 4th wall in my craftroom and then I am hoping to get a large print of the artwork by electronicrainbow of me for on the center of this wall!!

Thank you for looking,
  Imogen xX

Ps. More coming soon once I have done the 2nd coat.  I may also take some pictures as is tomorrow morning in natural light and show you :) :P

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