Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hedgehog out in day time!!?

June 19th 2012 (5.37pm): Just found an alive hedgehog running down our back garden!! Not very often you see one of these when the sun is out on such a beautiful day. He/She was running down the garden and then flattered him/herself when I got down with the camera!! Wasn't scared in a ball though... how unusual!!
By the time I had got in and looked up on the internet if it was normal, apparently this could mean he/she is ill, injured or both...  and how to handle or what to do.  He seemed to have scampered off and with a number of hedges and overgrown plants/weeds near by he/she could be anywhere.  So I have decided to keep an eye out and see if I spot him/her again.
Btw his/her breathing was very heavy but other than that she/he didn't move while I was outside...


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