Friday, 15 June 2012

Craft Room Idea Design Pictures!!

So I decided the best way to continue with my craft room from here would be to shut the door, walk away and make a plan.  So I already knew roughtly the colours and generally which colour was going where and such but then I decided to think a little more about my desk.  Now I currently have a corner desk but between my laptop, second monitor and all the scrap happy crafting goodness there isn't all that much room on it.  So to build an extention would work well.  Now I have a small book case that is 32" high but the desk is 30" hight.  So I decided to either get a 2nd 32" book case or to get a little piece of 2by4 just to excend the desk with the desk extention being that little bit higher it will be good for me personally also.   I have also decided to spray paint these items black and use more black vynal to cover the tops of the desk's.  In addition I have been working on some very rough not to scale digital drawing ideas.  

Please be aware these are seriously not acurate, they're seriously not to scale.  But it's an idea.  Also note all shelving (including that under desk will be black, the off black is to give some "dimenstion".  Although the gray filing cabinet will stay gary, I hope to get a silver light shade and OTT Lite fitting / daylight / natural light / true colour light ... bulb lol.  I also haven't drawn any extras in just the basics.  Further more I do no own these pink draws, yet.  They're also not to scale or even model!! lol

Pictures done in photoshop... lol!!

Door wall and window wall.  Desk, desk extention infront of radiator (not sure if this is allowed due to fire reasons so will look into that and if push comes to shove I'll just turn that radiator off (cold Imogen!!) then out of spare wall paper, a canvas and some ribbon make a little note bored type of think.  Then a black voile curtain and that's pretty much it.  Also not sure on carpet as I can get cheap neutural now or save up and get something else eventually...  *shrug*.

The feature wall and the far wall.  I have decided that my filing cabinet will go in the center-ish of the back wall and then a couple of display shelves in black above (maybe depends on where I decide to put my printer lol).  Then I want to get these pink draws from Argos and a print of the artwork ElectronicRainbow did of me (framed).

Imogen xX

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