Thursday, 21 June 2012

Craft Room Design Idea 2 Pictures (scrapped the first one).


I've had to have another rethink on the layout of my craft room due to the desk having no over hang at the back which means that even it if was right up against the radiator there would be a 2-3" gap at the back of the desk.  ...Wouldn't be THAT much of a problem but I'm an utter fuss-pot!!

So I had a rethink and decided to bring the desk to the other corner.  Then instead of building a 2nd desk instead create lots of shelving above and around the desk to create more space.  In addition there will be the filing cabinet next to the desk which will create more storage and space.

If we make the shelving 6" appart then we should be able to get a good number of shelves on each wall.  The book case and the shelves would be less money than the tiny bookcase supports for my newbuild desk and the desk parts.  So saving more money.  Just got a few measurements to check up on before I decide to go ahead with a mass of shelving lol.

In addition to this error and rethink; there is some good news!! I've rebuilt my old desk today and so I have a desk again woooot... although with every good news there's always a bad which is...  We were going to crack on with the wallpapering (Joshua and I) however we descovered neither of us have a clue on how!!! I know "how" just small things like "how to cut the paper straight" and "how to cut around light switches and power points with out tearing the paper" (experience of the boarder downstairs, didn't go swimmingly!! and I don't exactly have knowledge of how much paper I will have to play with is mistakes are made (2 x 10m rolls)

Anyway, that's me for now...  I'll let you know how I get on.

Ps. This afternoon Joshua and I spent the best part of an hour with two flat headded screwdrivers chipping old paint of the radiator...  We then came to the decision it's not working and to just paint the radiator white...  Humm... this was an ok idea when we were going to put something (two desks) infront of the radiator...  But now my new design leaves the radiator wide open for all to view... oopse.

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